'My beautiful, perfect person': Devastated wife pays tribute to husband killed in hit-and-run while jogging

'My beautiful, perfect person': Devastated wife pays tribute to husband killed in hit-and-run while jogging
Abbey Ginns, a fashion marketer, met Bryce Williams at a stopover at Bali as she traveled to Europe (abbey_ginns/Instagram and bryceywilliams/Instagram)

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: A young father-of-two who tragically died after being hit by a car while in Queensland on a jog received a heartbreaking tribute from his partner. Bryce Williams, 33, was killed along Nanango Brooklands Road in Nanango, near the Sunshine Coast, on September 6, leaving Abbey Ginns widowed. A passing vehicle allegedly struck him as he jogged along the side of the road at 6.30 pm. 

Williams and Ginns had just returned from a family holiday in Vietnam when the tragedy struck. He left behind his children, Woodi and Rome. In an Instagram post, Ginns has paid tribute to the deceased dad. "The pain in my heart is harrowing, this is incomprehensible. My beautiful, perfect person, how can you be gone..," she wrote. "I’m struggling to find the words to do you justice."


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"You touched more lives than somebody would in 100 lifetimes my darling. The safest, most hilarious, generous golden light in our lives. The epitome of the best guy on earth," she added. "Your heart is in mine, Woodi’s and Rome’s infinitely. I have no more words, only tears. You are my forever, you are my home. I love you."


Ginns, a fashion marketer, met Williams at a stopover at Bali as she traveled to Europe. The two eventually became the creative minds behind a furniture company called Husky Studios. Ginns and Williams, and their company, were featured in Vogue back in 2019. Speaking of the time Ginns stopped at Bali and met Williams, the publication wrote, "It was a stopover. The plan was to have a few drinks with some expat friends and then get back on the plane. Which she did, but Bryce Williams, an Aussie surfboard builder she’d met who was living in Bali, drew her back to the Island of the Gods one year later." The pair later rented a run-down villa together and set about renovating and decorating.


"Abbey designed a series of furniture pieces, which Bryce used his production know-how to have built. The couple had a five-year lease on the property and a landlord who was happy for them to make improvements and Airbnb it whenever suited them," the publication read.

Friends and family were in awe of the villa’s interiors. “Everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, this is epic!’” Ginns had said back then. “So one night while Bryce and I were having dinner we thought, let’s give this a go, let’s create our own furniture label.” The publication wrote, "Abbey hit the drawing board again, designing 23 pieces for their first collection, while Bryce found a French-owned factory in Java that could produce the high quality wood pieces that would become the cornerstone of their brand. Huski Studios was born."


A GoFundMe has now been set up by friend Samantha Servodio, which has raised $365,758 AUD (approx $250507) of its $100,000 ($68490.00) goal at the time of writing this article. "Everyone who knows Bryce, whether it’s really well or not, has felt his loss tremendously. He was the funniest man we all knew, greatest dad, and a beyond loving partner. His heart was huge and completely full, where he always kept his friends and family, but most of all the three loves of his life, Abbey, Woodi and Rome," the page reads. 


"Bryce was such a hard worker, always going above and beyond to support his family. So while he can’t, we ask you all to help support his loved ones during this hard and heartbreaking time that is honestly incomprehensible. No donation is too small and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions," it adds. "If we can all carry a little bit of grief for Abbey, Woodi and Rome, we hope their load will feel lighter and they can begin to heal somehow. Brycey will be so sadly missed everyday, by so many people."

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