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'Is it too spicy for him?': Zach's reaction to drinking maple syrup leaves 'The Bachelor' fans in stitches

Gabriella 'Gabi' Elnicki got a little part of her home bottled up for her potential spouse in order to impress our lead
Gabi forces Zach to drink maple sryup (ABC)
Gabi forces Zach to drink maple sryup (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It's always ideal to make a good first impression when meeting a possible spouse, but some meetings are more memorable than others — especially when they're being filmed for television. The premiere of 'The Bachelor' Season 27 on January 23 brought reality television one of the strangest yet memorable first meets ever, and fans had some opinions to share as well. Bachelor Nation witnessed new Bachelor Zach Shallcross welcome 30 single women to the house on Monday night, and just a handful left empty-handed. But one participant drew viewers' attention when a girl from Vermont gave our new lead a bottle of maple syrup and drove him to drink it STRAIGHT!

When hopefuls get out of the limo on 'The Bachelor', they have some strange first meets. Some people forgo the limo and bring their own car, while others bring unique items. Some people dress up, while others have odd one-liners. While some of these amusing concepts make a positive impact, others result in abrupt goodbyes on the ABC reality program.


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Zach Shallcross welcome Gabriella 'Gabi' Elnicki to the Bachelor mansion (ABC)
Zach Shallcross welcome Gabriella 'Gabi' Elnicki to the Bachelor mansion (ABC)

When 'The Bachelor' Season 27 premiered on Monday nights, the single ladies bear not only good news but also gifts for Zach. While one girl brought him a bottle of Champagne, another brought him a cup of Joe from New York! But it was the girl from Vermont who stepped in with an entire bottle of maple syrup that took the cake on the first night at the mansion. Gabriella 'Gabi' Elnicki got a little part of her home bottled up for her potential spouse in order to impress our lead. But she didn't receive the reaction she was looking for when Zach couldn't keep his emotions in check (evidence: look on his face) when forced to swallow the maple syrup directly.

Fans took to Twitter to share some of their best reactions to Zach's. One person tweeted, "Zach having to drink champagne, coffee, and maple syrup back to back." Another person added, "Zach kissing people after drinking maple syrup & eating meatballs." Already making it to viewers' top 3, " barely know any of these women’s names but here’s my top three: 1. Brianna 2. Gabi and her maple syrup 3. The girl who told Jesse to “Go back to ESPN”" A fourth fan quipped, "Okay but who doesn’t like maple syrup? Is it too spicy for him?"





On the other hand, Vermont viewers don't look very hopeful after this, "Finally getting Vermont representation…and they make him drink straight maple syrup we’re never getting another shot at this." Seeing his reaction, another fan asked, "Did this man just disrespect Vermont maple syrup?" But some fans are already getting a good vibe from Gabi, "maple syrup girl gave off good energy." One more person added, "Big props for a Vermont contestant, but don't ever force your blind date to drink maple syrup."




'The Bachelor' Season 27 airs every Monday on ABC at 8 PM ET.

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