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'The Bachelor' Season 27 fans unhappy with Zach Shallcross as new lead, labels him 'unpopular'

Bachelor Nation fans believe ABC had better and more charming options than Zach Shallcross
'The Bachelor' Season 27 star Zach Shallcross (Instagram/@zachshallcross)
'The Bachelor' Season 27 star Zach Shallcross (Instagram/@zachshallcross)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Bachelor' has returned with Season 27 with Zach Shallcross as the lead bachelor who will be eyeing the perfect girl. But, the announcement of his joining as the lead didn't seem to impress the fans much. After Zach was named the new bachelor, the internet flooded with negative reactions with everyone labeling him "boring" and "unpopular".

Zach was previously featured in Season 19 of 'The Bachelorette' where he was seen vying for Rachel Recchia's heart. He managed to land in the final three men for Rachel but walked away after realizing to not have a strong connection with her. Zach once again returns to the screen with the expectation of finding love. However, fans are not happy about it. Many feel Zach is "less interesting and less popular." 'The Bachelor' fans fear that Zach being the lead might lower the popularity of the show.


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What the viewers look out for in dating shows are charm and charisma. However, many believe that Zach does not have any. Zach is claimed to be the most "mediocre" lead 'The Bachelor' is about to feature in its history. Even though he is considered to be cute but at the same time he is called out "cringe" for being too emotional. Many fans believe that producers had better options than Zach.


The endearing 26-year-old tech executive got called out on the internet as soon as his name was announced as the lead of 'The Bachelor' Season 27. A fan claimed Zach to be "vanilla" who has no flavors. "We don't mind Vanilla, he just has to be spicy. Little flavor added.. Unfortunately, Zach is all lactose non dairy type!" tweeted the fan. Another slammed, "...Um! It's the lead, you get someone less interesting or less popular with their journey and no amount of promo will make people watch it. Now do people or #BachelorNation care about Zach journey?" A fan was certain that Zach won't be bringing any fun to the show, therefore, they are looking for it from girls' side. "Picking Zach S for #TheBachelor is so insane. He’s so uninteresting to look at, and I probably won’t watch his season unless there is some good drama. Like a pregnancy scare type drama," tweeted a fan.




Moreover, a fan cringed over Zach being announced as the new lead, saying, "My Bachelor related New Year’s resolutions: 1. Try not to hate on Zach even though there were way better options for bachelor." Another wrote, "There were zero qualities about Zach that made me pause and think he should be #TheBachelor. The casting directors do not understand their audience at all. We want CHARISMA and CHARM. Ethan or Nayte could have been it. Missed opportunity." Another called out the star, "zach seems nice but is so incredibly boring lawd."




Bachelor Nation describes Zach as an "old fashioned romantic" who is a mama boy. Zach’s ideal type is compassionate, kind and ready for romance. He loves planning surprises for his partner. Coming to 'The Bachelor' Season 27, Zach is serious about finding love and looking for something that will lead to marriage.

'The Bachelor' Season 27 will release on January 23, 2023, from 8 pm to 10 pm EST on ABC.

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