‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ Ending Explained: Do Yumi and Babi get married? Who is Shin Soonrok?

‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ Ending Explained: Do Yumi and Babi get married? Who is Shin Soonrok?
Jinyoung's Babi and Bo-hyun's Woong have feelings for Go-eun's Yumi in the finale (@tving.official/Instagram)

‘Yumi’s Cells’ was one of the most exciting K-dramas of 2022 from roping in a star-studded cast to the experimental format of blending live-action and animation. Kim Go-eun of ‘Goblin’ fame played Yumi, idol actor Park Jinyoung of GOT7 was the male lead of season 2 – Babi, while Ahn Bo-hyun returned as the ex Woong who was the male lead in season 1. Well, on July 22, ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’s ending had everyone trending the show worldwide as webtoon readers obsessed over Shin Soon-rok while GOT7 fans cheered Jinyoung's acting.

In the penultimate week, Yumi and Babi get back together after their tearful breakup. Babi asks her to marry him after a passionate kiss. The finale was split into two parts with episode 13 and 14 airing on Friday. In ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ episode 13, Yumi accepts Babi’s marriage proposal and reveals it by posting her ring on social media. Control Z still has hopes for his friend and plans to make Woong meet Yumi accidentally. But Ruby calls and tells them Yumi is getting married disappointing Woong. 


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Yumi and Babi are engaged in episode 13

Babi takes Yumi to meet his father who is blunt and a man of few words. Babi has to leave for a while leaving Yumi alone at his father’s restaurant. Yumi does her best to earn the father’s respect by eating four portions of ‘Tteokbokki’. She doesn’t realise that she has already gotten the dad’s respect. He is even touched that she calls him ‘father’ and gives her an allowance. Babi is amused while Yumi is overjoyed when he shares that his father never gave his own son any money because he was a miser like Scrooge.

After a few weeks, Yumi gets a sore throat and fever and postpones her dinner date with Babi, telling him not to check up on her. But she meets Woong when he tells her he is in town. He awkwardly congratulates her on her marriage but then ends up telling her not to marry Babi and that leaving her was his biggest regret. When Woong asks if she is in love with Babi, Yumi hesitates. Turns out Yumi’s Love Cell is missing because of which she can’t say yes and deflects the question.


Babi gets a call

We then see Babi taking time off work to take care of a sick Yumi. Even his father sends food that moves Yumi. To distract her, Babi asks Yumi if they could have a small wedding in Hawaii because his sister lives there. Yumi gets excited and shares that it is her dream wedding to marry in Hawaii. But her bubble bursts when Yumi sees Daeun calling Babi’s phone at midnight. 

8 months later, Woong gets a wedding invite from Yumi and stops by her neighbourhood. He reminisces about his time with Yumi but then sees that she is emptying her home. He then chances upon Yumi and is surprised that Yumi took a loan for her house. He is irked with Babi for not buying the house himself and grudgingly tells Yumi that she will look beautiful in her wedding dress. When Yumi looks confused, Woong checks the wedding invite and realises that the invite was from Yumi’s friend – Yi-da. Yumi clears the misunderstanding by sharing that she bought a loan to buy out her house and that she broke up with Babi. 

We then get a flashback to 8 months ago when Daeun got drunk and called Babi one last time. Babi doesn't know that Yumi saw the call and simply deletes Daeun’s contact. However, we get a glimpse of Yumi’s thoughts. She shares that they broke up because Yumi was calm despite Daeun calling and Babi not deleting the contact. She wonders how love could be calm.


Yumi focuses on her book in finale

In the final episode 14 of ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’, we see Yumi being worried about giving a good ending to her book which is plagued with negative comments. She was supposed to finish the ending before Yi-da’s wedding but her laptop goes missing and she has no backup. With 60 pages for the next 3 weeks missing, the Writer Cell disappears.

Yumi thinks of disappearing till Writer Cell comes back. Babi gets assigned to the Singapore branch and finds Yumi’s laptop before his flight. He tries to give it to her at the wedding. But he messages her that he is late so he leaves Yumi’s laptop at the airport locker. He apologizes for always inconveniencing her and says he will continue to support her. The locker password is 1224 which happens to be his apartment password and Christmas eve, the day she came over to his place for the first time.

We then get a flashback to when they broke up with Babi sharing that he knows Yumi is going to break up with him because her engagement ring was missing. Turns out the Love Cell never came back after disappearing last Christmas eve.


Babi and Woong meet Yumi

Yumi leaves a thankful message after getting her laptop but sees Babi at the airport since his flight was delayed. They make small talk before he asks if she has a boyfriend. She asks if he has someone. He says yes and she is happy for him. However, Babi later confesses to his colleague that he is not seeing anyone. ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ then gets a montage of Yumi meeting new men. Since she told Love Cell to give the prime position to Writer Cell, her focus was on her career. This is why even if her heart fluttered on seeing a man, there was curiosity, sensitivity and lust but no love for those men. 

She focuses on writing her last five chapters which she struggles with during the Christmas week. But she is inspired by Ruby who invites her to a party on finishing her book. Yumi’s book ends with the leading couple meeting at a Christmas eve party because the music is too loud and it feels like fate. She can’t hear him say his name but he remembers hers. 

While Yumi celebrates finishing her book, her cells hand out ‘Yumi’s Cells Awards’. Everyone is surprised when the ‘Best Cell Award’ goes to Babi’s cells. The cells reason that Babi saved Yumi’s Writer Cell. He was the first one to recognize Yumi’s talent, always supported her and was there till the end. Yumi thanks Babi for helping her finish her novel and he wishes her Merry Christmas.

Yumi also notices the laptop Woong had sent her after seeing her rush to find her’s at the wedding. She wants to return it but he stops her. She then goes to return it personally after finishing her novel. She also finds out that Woong was the one who left her positive comments after every chapter anonymously. A ‘Co-Yumi Award’ is given to him as she is thankful to him for encouraging her silently. She realizes that a breakup does not mean the end of a relationship as she is on good terms with both Babi and Woong.


The Love Cell returns

Yumi is fine that Dating Cell died but cannot sleep after the Christmas party. Love Cell finally returns a year later on Christmas eve hinting that she met someone new. We then get a mini flashback to the surprise Christmas party Ruby had warned Yumi of. Yumi meets her new manager and shakes hands with him. He messages her the next day asking if Yumi got home safely as she was drunk. She doesn’t remember and he reintroduces himself as Shin Soon-rok just like her novel ending. It then turns out that he is the narrator narrating Yumi’s thoughts in the latest episodes. 

With season 3 not confirmed, webtoon readers of ‘Yumis’ Cells’ revealed that the Shin Soon-rok introduced in the finale is Yumi’s last love. But K-drama viewers were happy with the ending that just hinted at the possibility of love but actually ended with Yumi focusing on her career and herself.  


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