'Your silence our voice!': Enraged students protest outside NJ school after bullied teen Adriana Kuch kills herself

'Your silence our voice!': Enraged students protest outside NJ school after bullied teen Adriana Kuch kills herself
Around 200 students protest against bullying after Adriana Kuch's death (Jennifer Ferro/Facebook; NBC video screengrab)

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

BERKELEY, NEW JERSEY: Outraged students have taken to the street to protest against bullying after their schoolmate died by suicide. Adriana Kuch, 14, was a victim of longtime bullying at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, which the school was well aware of. In the days leading to the teenager's death, she was brutally assaulted by her peers in the school's hallway.


Kuch was physically assaulted by a weapon and was visibly bruised, yet the school failed to report the tragic incident to the police. Moreover, even after the teen suffered a blackout following the altercation, the school did not rush her to a hospital but instead sent her to the school nurse. However, Kuch's nightmare did not end there, a viral video of the attack surfaced online on February 1, until Kuch finally decided to die by suicide on February 3.


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'Such a tragedy!'

Following Kuch's death nearly more than 200 students took to the streets to protest against the school, demanding the authorities take immediate action. Students skipped their class, held banners, and could be heard saying, "You silence our voice." Students claimed they have tried to bring attention to the school about its repeated bullying pattern but they have been ignored. 

Sophomore Roman Valez said, "Adriana took her own life because nobody at the school was able to help or care or step in," NBC reported. "I would actually like to teach the people who bully what they’re actually doing and how it affects," the student added while another said that he wanted the students involved in the attack to be "criminally charged because some girl killed herself because of their actions."


Parents of the students protesting outside school were not upset their children skipped classes instead proud of their actions. "I’m so proud of them, the school can finally see that something needs to be done."

'It is unacceptable!'

Internet users were furious about the school's negligence. One user wrote on Facebook, "How is the superintendent not fired" Another added, "There is bullying being swept under the rug in a lot of school districts. It is unacceptable." "Such a tragedy. I only hope the family finds solace and peace," hoped a third. A user claimed, "someone have enough guts to bring their names and parents name to the media.............they need to be held accountable......................" "These kids want change ask the superintendent to resign!!" read a comment. One user simply wrote, "#justiceforadriana is needed!"



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 'Your silence our voice!': Enraged students protest outside NJ school after Adriana Kuch's death