Who is Spire Entertainment's CEO? Video shows her physically assaulting and screaming at Omega X members

Who is Spire Entertainment's CEO? Video shows her physically assaulting and screaming at Omega X members
Members of Omega X were allegedly assaulted by Spire Entertainment CEO Kang Seong Hee (Instagram/@omegax_official, @sunghee_kang_)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Amidst claims that Spire Entertainment CEO Kang Seong Hee verbally and physically assaulted members of the South Korean boy band Omega X, new evidence has been making the rounds on social media. 

While Spire Entertainment, the agency managing the group has denied all allegations, a new video showed Kang shouting at several men in a parking lot. The video, released by SBS, also showed band member Jaehan kneeling on the ground, displaying signs of a panic attack. 


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The CEO of the agency appears to be shouting at Jaehan, telling him that he should simply give up singing because he falls ill so frequently. The same video showed another member of the Korean band asking Kang to stop yelling, but she says they never cared for her. The video proceeded to show clear instances of abuse suffered by members of Omega X at the hands of the CEO. She continued barraging them with verbal attacks as they made their way to the hotel. She even pulled off Jaehan's clothes and threw him onto the floor. Later the singer was seen picking himself up and crying as he made his way to the elevator, reported The Economic Times


Following the allegations of assault, Dongkyu, the former member of Spectrum expressed anger at Kang. "You're the one who is the anti-fan. I won't write curses here because I already [cursed] a lot with my voice. You dared to [touch] my brother? How dare a person like you..." he wrote, referring to Kang's claims that the video was filmed by someone who bears "anti-fan" feelings for the company, reported All Kpop.

The mistreatment of the group at the hands of Spire Entertainment's CEO was allegedly witnessed by many. Sharing a clip of the incident, one Twitter user pointed out the fact that Kang could be seen trying to "get into the lift" so that she could "continue [her abuse of] abuse Jaehan until Hangyeom need to stop her." The user expressed their gratitude towards Hangyeom for "blocking her with another guy," thereby saving Jaehan from further distress. 


Meanwhile, "#PROTECTOMEGAX #OMEGAX" has been trending on social media sites. "I’m utterly disgusted at the situation happening rn, the videos just came out and jaehan did being thrown around like a f*****g doll, hangyeom is shown stopping the ceo from getting in the elevator to hit jaehan and yechan is getting hit too like what?!?! #PROTECTOMEGAX #OMEGAX," writes one user, while berating the "abusive and condescending woman in the company."


Plenty of others took to social media to voice out their support. "Yes they deserve better and be protected!! She needs to not have her job..period," remarked one user, with another adding, "My heart broke into pieces after watching this. This group deserve better." Referring to the abuse suffered by Jaehan, a person tweeted, "Omg, I feel so bad for him. He said he was in pain and they just attack him."




Other K-Pop fans hope that "all this uproar doesn't die down too quick like usual." "The Internet is best at moving on, please not this time though. Not a person who works hard for their dreams deserve to be treated this way. #PROTECTOMEGAX," writes one user, with another adding, "I hope some of idols will notice this so maybe it can be a big help to protect the idol (also other members) and to punish that cr*zy CEO." 



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