The tragic death of Adriana Kuch: Bullied 14-yr-old's family remembers 'happy' teen in heartbreaking note

The tragic death of Adriana Kuch: Bullied 14-yr-old's family remembers 'happy' teen in heartbreaking note
Adriana Kuch died by suicide in her home in Bayville (Jennifer Ferro/Facebook)

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

BERKELEY, NEW JERSEY: A relative of a 14-year-old girl who died by suicide after being bullied at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township has penned a heartbreaking note about her on Facebook. Four girls have been suspended indefinitely after Adriana Kuch died by suicide hours after a video of her being bullied surfaced online. This was confirmed by the district superintendent on Thursday, February 9. MEAWW will not reveal the names of the four girls as they are juveniles.


"Before I begin I want everyone to know that I have my in-laws permission to post this. Since the town loves to gossip, as many already know my 14 year old sister-in-law had sadly taken her own life. Please read her story, throughout this message I’ll be calling her my sister because that’s who I saw her as, my little sister. Adriana was known as Age to her friends, but to us her family (The Kuch Family) we knew her as Sissy. She was such an amazing person and although I did not know her in all her years of life I got to know her since she was 11," Jennifer Ferro wrote on Facebook, sharing pictures of Adriana from her happy times.


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'A beautiful girl who was happy, funny, stubborn'

"And geez was she a one of a kind kid. Our family and her parents would describe her as a beautiful girl who was happy, funny, stubborn, strong, loved animals, could make friends so easily, would draw all the time, she loved going on runs with her older brother and our dogs when she came to visit us during the summer, and she always wanted to try out new hobbies… but would get tired of them fast," she said of Adriana who died by suicide at her Bayville home on February 3.


The video of the attack, which surfaced on social media, shows Adriana walking down the hallway when a girl attacks her and begins walloping her in the face with a water bottle. Adriana is seen falling to the ground as she continues to be set upon by the girl. Cheering is heard in the background, reported. By this time, the 14-year-old is lying bruised and bloodied on the floor.

"She talked about how she wanted to be a tattoo artist when she turns 18 and although I didn’t take it seriously in the past," Ferro wrote. "I really wish I could’ve seen what that future was like, to know that she still had a future. Sissy was our family’s spitfire and although she had her moments (the good, bad, and ugly) we loved her more than life itself and are heartbroken knowing that she’s gone."


Saying she will not post the video, Ferro said, "If you wish to say a final goodbye to sissy you may, but if you did not know us, did not know Adriana, was awful to Adriana we do not want you there. The family wishes that her funeral stays private and we would appreciate it if you all respected that. Please do not keep asking us questions about the how and why because those details are not meant for the world to know. Not only that we still need time to be grieving and it makes it worse when the whole town is nonstop asking us the same questions. We only want everyone to remember the amazing moments you were blessed with to have Adriana in our life."

'What those girls did was horrible'

There has been no update from the prosecutor's office about any criminal charges the four girls may face. Meanwhile, Ferro's post is being flooded with tributes and condolences from social media users. "My heart breaks for you and your family Jen  Praying for comfort and healing for you all and that justice is served," one user wrote, while another said, "This is so horrible. I’m so sorry. Sending you and family love and luck with seeking Justice." One user wrote, "I am so sorry… this is absolutely awful  I hope you guys get justice she deserves it and so do you guys". "So so sorry for your loss my brother said she was super sweet in school your family is in my prayers hopefully you get justice for her," said one user.


"I’m so sorry to you and the Kuch family for your loss. What those girls did was horrible, the school, even worse. I hope you guys get the justice and peace you all deserve. she seemed like a beautiful soul," one user wrote, while another said, "Sending you love Jenn, it's a shame that this school has a reputation for not focusing their attention on urgent matters and instead bringing to the forefront trivial ones. I hope that the administration learns their lessons. No high school student should feel that this is the only option for them. She was beautiful, prayers to you and her family." One wrote, "Sending alot of love to family! My heart hurts too Im very sad to hear this!  I remember sissy when she was so littie," said one user.

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 Adriana Kuch: Family remembers 'happy' teen in heartbreaking note, reveals alleged bullies' identities