Lifetime 'Your Boyfriend is Mine': 5 things you never knew about Eli Jane

Lifetime 'Your Boyfriend is Mine': 5 things you never knew about Eli Jane
Eli Jane in 'Your Boyfriend is Mine' (Lifetime)

For those eagerly waiting for another Lifetime movie to air, your wait is finally over. The channel is back with another new thriller-mystery film that will undoubtedly leave viewers glued to their seats.

'Your Boyfriend is Mine', the upcoming mystery-thriller movie, revolves around Ben and his girlfriend and their happy time together until things take a dramatic turn when Ben takes up a new job despite his girlfriend's objections and put both of their lives in danger. You will indeed find the plot relatable if you have ever tried to do something for the better and ended up spoiling things. Directed by Stacia Crawford, the movie has Eli Jane as Amanda Roberts, Jamie Roy as Ben Howard, Brey Noelle as Calli Gordon, Sharonne Lanier as Detective Fisher, Chris Vaber as Detective Moreno, and Jesse Malinowski ad Walker. If you are interested to know more about the star cast, then continue reading. Also, you can add similar movies like 'Line Sisters' and 'Girl in the Shed: Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez' to your watch list.


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Eli Jane 

Eli Jane, 43, is one of the best American-born actresses. Eli began her acting career as a teenager when she was featured in Seventeen Magazine. She also featured on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' as an 'An Up & Coming Star.' Apart from her appearance in the magazines, she has showcased her talents in hundreds of music videos, national commercials, television projects, and films. While honing her craft, Jane has recently studied under Ivanna Chubbic, Michelle Danner and Larry Moss. The beauty queen is also a fitness freak and her Instagram page is proof of that. Coming to her personal life, Jane has not revealed anything yet. 


Jamie Roy

Jamie Roy is a British actor who resides in Los Angeles. The actor has worked on several productions, including projects for TV, film, and various shorts. Jamie will next be seen in the Lifetime movie in the male lead role.


'Your Boyfriend is Mine' will be airing on March 19, 2022, at 10/9c on the Lifetime channel.

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