'Yellowstone' Season 4 Episode 4: Lloyd and Walker come to blows amidst disagreement

Who has been targeting the Duttons? Jamie may just have found out

                            'Yellowstone' Season 4 Episode 4:  Lloyd and Walker come to blows amidst disagreement
Forrie J Smith as Lloyd and Ryan Bingham as Walker in 'Yellowstone' (Paramount Network)

Spoilers for 'Yellowstone' Season 4, Episode 4 - 'Winning or Learning'

'Yellowstone' just debuted its fourth episode of the much-awaited Season 4 and it packed a major revelation that could answer the question John has been looking for. The Dutton's head is out for revenge and Jamie may just have found the incriminating clue.

'Yellowstone' ranch has a lot of workers who function to keep the ranch going. Senior ranch hand Lloyd and ex-convict Walker form an integral part of the ranch. The latest episode saw an altercation between the two men after a situation escalated. Read on to know what went down.


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The episode saw Lloyd (Forrie J Smith), Walker (Ryan Bingham), and the rest of the ranch hands herd the cattle for doctoring. The herd had pink-eye which was bad news for other animals as well, but Lloyd told the group to take them into the arena to make the doctoring easier. Walker called him out for it saying they should do it right there as it would put the other animals at risk as well. Lloyd just told the others who agreed with Walker to shut up with Walker asking him, "Who made you boss, when boss is gone?". The group herds the cattle into the arena but John(Kevin Costner) who'd noticed them do that bit off Lloyd's ear about the pink-eye and told him to push out the herd again.

At night when the whole gang is in the bunkhouse, Walker asks Lloyd why he isn't eating Teeter's (Jennifer Landon) food with the conversation getting aggressive. Lloyd suddenly kicks Walker in the stomach as the two start throwing punches at each other with the group trying to stop them. The argument got quite out of hand with Walker being flung across the table. Rip( Cole Hauser) who heard the commotion comes in and stops the brawl punching Lloyd in the gut. He warns him saying if he wants to fight someone, fight him. Reminding Lloyd of the rule of no fighting on the ranch, Rip leaves the group as the men look on in anger. 

Looks like being wrong didn't sit well with the senior ranch hand as he took out his anger on Walker. Although he begins the next day anew with a black eye, the bad blood may still be carried on.

'Yellowstone' Season 4 airs on the Paramount Network every Sunday at 8 pm EST.

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