Xavier Prather turns Big Brother's first Black winner, fans call Season 23 'historic'

 Xavier Prather turns Big Brother's first Black winner, fans call Season 23 'historic'
Xavier Prather in 'Big Brother' Season 23 (Instagram/bigbrothercbs)

After an epic season of 'Big Brother', the finale is finally here. This season saw one of the most powerful alliances in the show's history -- the cookout. With Alyssa Lopez's eviction on Day 65, this alliance made history, as it meant that one of its six members could be crowned Big Brother's first Black winner in the American version of the show.

With the alliance now down to the Final 3, Xavier Prather was the final Head of Household of the season. When it came to the final elimination of the season, Xavier picked Azah Awasum to go home, resulting in the final two of the season being himself and Derek Frazier.


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With the jury having to vote between Xavier and Derek F, they both made their speeches to convince the jury who was more deserving to win. While Derek F spoke of his strategic game, Xavier pointed out that he was seen as a threat and also repeatedly used as a pawn but made it out safe every time. When it came to voting, Xavier was crowned the winner with a landslide of all nine votes in his favor. He is officially the first African-American winner on the American version of the show, and fans were thrilled to see this outcome. 

"#BB23 Congratulations to Xavier Prather on becoming the first African-American to win a regular season of #BigBrother. After 21 years, 23 seasons, a really amazing moment in American culture and history in the making. #BBLF #BigBrother2021" tweeted a fan. "I do wish this season was less misogynistic than a usual season of BB. But the cookout was the most important thing ever on 23 seasons of big brother and that will always make this season great in my eyes. #bb23" added another. "they all won. every black big brother fan that had to watch all white alliances target poc first, won. thank you cookout #bb23" tweeted a user. "No matter what an iconic season that made history! Congratulations! First Black winner of Big Brother! #BB23" agreed a fan. 









While Xavier walked away with $750,000 dollars and Derek F took home $75,000 as the runner-up of the season, the final award of the night was 'America's Favourite Houseguest'. Two people got the highest votes in that category -- Derek Xiao and Tiffany Mitchell. It was a close call, but Tiffany was the one who won the title and took home a whopping $50,000, as opposed to the usual $25,000. Fans were beyond thrilled to see her score this win and were excited to have an all-black winner season

"TIFFANY MITCHELL CONGRATULATIONS FOR BEING AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER!!  #BB23" tweeted a fan. "A BLACK WINNER, A BLACK RUNNER UP, AND A BLACK FAVORITE HOUSEGUEST. A HISTORIC SEASON #BB23" added another. "Tiffany Mitchell follows @DayDaVonne_ as the second black houseguest to win America's Favorite Houseguest. She is also the second black female to win AFH and this is also the first time we've had two consecutive black hgs win AFH #BB23 #History" tweeted a fan. 




Although Season 23 has ended, don't let that stop you from getting in on the action, as 'Big Brother' has now begun casting for Season 24. If you think you have what it takes to win $750,000 and survive the 'Big Brother' house, you can apply here

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