‘I’ll always make you proud’: Xana Kernodle’s sister Jazzmin pays tribute to Idaho murder victim after graduating from Pullman

‘I’ll always make you proud’: Xana Kernodle’s sister Jazzmin pays tribute to Idaho murder victim after graduating from Pullman
Xana Kernodle’s sister, Jazzmin, paid tribute to the Idaho murder victim after graduation (Xana Kernodle/Instagram, Jazzmin Kernodle/Instagram)

PULLMAN, WASHINGTON: University of Idaho murder victim Xana Kernodle’s sister, Jazzmin, recently graduated from Washington State University in Pullman and paid tribute to the former in her graduation post. “Xana, this one is for you! I’ll always make you proud and accomplish everything for the both of us. I love you forever sissy,” Jazzmin wrote on Instagram.

“Today, I graduated Cum Laude at Washington State University with a marketing major and communication and digital technology and culture minors,” she shared. “I am so excited to start my marketing career in Seattle this summer with a digital strategy internship with @brandmuscle!” Jazzmin added. “Pullman will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you to all the amazing friends I’ve made these past four years. I could not imagine my college experience without all of you, and the amazing memories we made,” she explained.


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“I’ve experienced my biggest highs and extreme lows in this tiny town. Thank you to everyone for all the support, love, and motivation to help me get through it! I am forever thankful for the opportunities Wazzu has given me, and I’m excited to start a new chapter,” Jazzmin concluded.



‘You rarely get to meet someone like Xana’

Earlier this year, Jazzmin remembered Xana while speaking to KING 5’s sister station in Spokane. “You rarely get to meet someone like Xana,” Jazzmin shared. “She was so positive, funny and was loved by everyone who met her,” she added. “She was so lighthearted, and always lifted up a room. She made me such a proud big sister, and I wish I could have had more time with her. She had so much life left to live,” Jazzmin mentioned.


During Xana’s memorial service in December 2022, Jazzmin said losing her sister was the “hardest thing” she went through in life. “Losing her is the hardest thing I ever have to go through and has left me heartbroken,” Jazzmin stated. “I know she loved living in her house in Moscow with her friends. I hear so many stories of her and her roommates and made me so happy to know she had such great friendships,” she noted.

Xana, 20, was among the four University of Idaho students stabbed to death by suspect Bryan Kohberger in an off-campus house on the night of November 12, 2022. Other victims of the attack include Xana’s boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, and their friends Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves.


Bryan Kohberger’s belongings tested positive for blood

As per the latest update in the investigation surrounding Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger, two items seized from the home of the accused killer tested positive for blood, The Independent reported. According to court documents released by authorities in Washington, multiple items were retracted from Kohberger’s Pullman home to be tested for the presence of blood.

While most items tested negative, two items showed positive results, including a mattress cover on the bed and an uncased pillow, the publication noted. The items reportedly had visible “reddish brown stains” and were seized when police executed a search warrant at Kohberger’s apartment on December 30, the day he was arrested for the Idaho murders. Authorities are yet to reveal who the blood belongs to.


Kohberger was arrested on four counts of first-degree murder and one felony count of burglary and initially detained without bond at the Monroe County Correctional Facility in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He agreed to extradition in January and was flown to Pullman before being held without bail at the Latah County jail in Moscow.

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 Xana Kernodle’s sister Jazzmin pays tribute to Idaho murder victim after graduating from Pullman