Who was Wyatt Gibson? Texas boy, 5, died after suffering stroke from Covid-19

The entire Gibson family contracted the Covid-19 virus, but only five-year-old Wyatt died due to complications

                            Who was Wyatt Gibson? Texas boy, 5, died after suffering stroke from Covid-19
Wyatt Gibson died from Covid-related complications (GoFundMe)

Amidst rising cases of Covid-19 Georgia as well as hospitals across the nation comes the heartbreaking news of a toddler losing his battle to the coronavirus. Identified as Wyatt Gibson, the little boy had contracted the virus along with the rest of his family members. Unfortunately, he was the only one who couldn't survive following complications including a stroke.

Common neurological symptoms of the virus include headache, delirium, and confusion apart from the loss of sense of smell and taste. In rare cases, however, the disease can also cause stroke and epilepsy. Wyatt's death comes after New Jersey woman Joan Barrows succumbed to the disease despite being fully vaccinated. And even though experts like Dr Anthony Fauci have addressed the possibility of 'enhanced' variants emerging, anti-vaxxers like Virginia Brown are still making headlines for their baseless conspiracy theories about Coronavirus being a hoax. 


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Who was Wyatt Gibson?

Five-year-old Wyatt's death is another harrowing reminder of the threats of coronavirus still lingering as the country relaxes its pandemic regulations this summer. Wyatt was the son of Lieutenant Wes Gibson from the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, who has been mourning the loss of his "best friend" through Facebook posts from his personal account. 

Local outlet WSB TV reported that the entire family had tested positive for the virus but only Wyatt succumbed to the battle. Mourning the death of his son due to Covid-19, the deputy shared photos of Wyatt and himself on his Facebook account, captioning the post: "The deputy posted on Facebook with pictures of him and his son: "My little buddy. My best friend. My helper. Wyatt was nothing (but) joy and happiness. We loved having fun and going on adventures together. He loved his momma and his sister so very much, and he was always looking for ways to help. He loved to build things. Big things! And then he loved showing them to Alexis and me."

Gibson continued: "Wyatt loved Rock City and The Tennessee Aquarium. He loved to play outside, help in the yard, and help with the horses. He loved the horses and the dogs. He was full of love, and brightened everyone's world. Wyatt would wave to strangers in the grocery store, because he knew that it absolutely made their day. In a way I know that you're still here, but I miss you so damn much! I wish this was one adventure that you did not start..." He concluded: "I have lost my best friend."


Friends and family show support

A family friend who goes by the name Amanda Summey is also organizing a fundraiser on behalf of the boy's mother, Alexis. "I am raising money for the Gibson family, to help with medical bills, funeral costs, and to just get through the worst nightmare of any parent. They lost their 5 year old son to covid.", Summey writes in the GoFundMe post dedicated to the Gibson family.

Thanking everyone on behalf of him and his wife, Gibson added in a follow-up post on Facebook: "Thank you. I know I speak for Alexis as well when I say thank you all so much. To everyone that has reached our, helped out, sent food, sent prayers, donated, and so many other things. Thank you. We cannot begin to explain nor put into words how much we appreciate everything. Thank you all so much for being here for us in so many different ways.
Thank you."

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