WWE superstar Lana reveals why her husband Miro won’t let her join OnlyFans

Lana revealed that she tried to get her husband to make an OnlyFans account with her, but he wouldn't let her

                            WWE superstar Lana reveals why her husband Miro won’t let her join OnlyFans
Miroslav 'Miro' Barnyashev is known for his devotion to his wife Catherine Joy 'CJ' Perry (Instagram/@tobemiro)

Wrestler Miro has been rocking his 'Gods Favorite Champion’ gimmick in the AEW, albeit fans believe he was snubbed by the franchise when he wasn't featured in the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament. Nonetheless, Miro's character is particularly known for worshipping God and his wife CJ Perry - and he apparently doesn't want her to join OnlyFans for the same reason.

Catherine Joy "CJ" Perry, formerly known as Lana in WWE, recently opened up to fans at a virtual signing event with HighSpots. During the session, she revealed to them that she tried to get her husband The Redeemer, real name Miroslav Barnyashev, to make an OnlyFans account with her, but he wouldn't let her.


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"I stay open to all forms of entertainment except for OnlyFans because my husband doesn't allow me. Every time he'll be like, 'Do what you want!' I'm like, I guess that means don't do it," Perry said in a virtual signing with Highspots. "I was trying to get Miro to do OnlyFans and [shakes head no]. Really? I feel like you just have to find your group of people. But there might be a ton of people that might want to see Miro's naked body. Or not even naked, just those jacked thighs. But also he loves himself so much."
She continued, "I wasn't going to do totally nude, anyways. With him, it's just the idea and just the name, even. I'm like, 'I wouldn't be naked, it could be just your feet.' Also, with Miro, the thing is he loves himself. Truly, I love my husband. I adore him, but I really think that no one -- like when Miro looks in the mirror, no one loves himself more than he does. It's also so entertaining that I walk into a room and he's like standing in front of the mirror flexing and doing the helicopter naked."



Perry was relieved by the WWE on June 2 and it is unclear if and when she will return to professional wrestling. She discussed the possibility of joining AEW in a previous virtual signing. "Well, I'm gonna tell you, stay tuned. I can't give everything away. I can't give all the hot tea right now," she said during a virtual signing with East Coast Autograph Auctions.


Perry was born into a wealthy Russian family where her neighbors were ex-presidents, diplomats, and other influential political figures. The wrestling champion attended Florida State University, where she not only learned English but also majored in Foreign Affairs, Business, and Social Media Marketing. Lana went on to become a successful WWE star, actress, singer, and model. She once dated actor and former American football player Isaiah Mustafa. She later married AEW wrestler Barnyashev, better known by his ring names Rusev, and Miro, in 2016. She was key in leading her husband to three United States Championships and twice teamed with him for the 'Mixed Match Challenge' in the WWE. 


The relationship, however, received a blow in 2019 when Lana made her return to Raw alongside Bobby Lashley and began locking lips with him in front of Rusev. She subsequently divorced her husband and married Lashley, setting the stage for an unforgettable storyline featuring a series of brawls and matches between her former and present on-screen husbands. In real life, however, Lana is happily married to Miro.