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Fleme Varkey

Fleme Varkey

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” So Fleme sticks to editing and writing occasionally. When she is not practicing sword fight with words, she indulges in closet photography, reading and trying out what the world serves on Pinterest.

State of the Union address 2023: Read the full text of Joe Biden's speech

Seated behind Biden on the dais were House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Vice President Kamala Harris
Feb 8, 2023

Twitter Files Part 1: Full thread of Matt Taibbi's tweets on the censorship of Hunter Biden's story

Musk had notified Twitter users he would reveal details on how legacy media censored stories about Hunter Biden and he delivered through Matt Taibbi
Dec 3, 2022

Wordle 406 Answer: What is the word today? Get clues and the solution for July 30

The Wordle answer for puzzle 406 is a bit tricky but with our clues and tricks, solving today’s game will be a piece of cake
Jul 30, 2022

Quordle 187 July 30, 2022, Answers: Here are the hints and clues for today’s puzzle

Stuck on today’s Quordle? Here are the clues and hints for puzzle no 187
Jul 30, 2022

'The Neighbor in the Window' Review: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jenn Lyon steal show in Lifetime’s psychological drama

The movie's script draws from Kathie Truitt's book and her website states that the real-life events — becoming "the victim of a crazy neighbor lady that stalked them [her family] for 4 years" — forced her family to move to another country for their safety
Feb 9, 2020

'The Wrong House Sitter' Review: Lifetime's thriller sustains tension by playing the female obsession card right

'The Wrong House Sitter' builds on a simple situation (man needs a house sitter), reels the audience in slowly with the innocent woman in need of a job trope and as the tension builds and the house sitter's real intentions take over
Jan 25, 2020

4 steps celebrities like Jussie Smollett can take to revive their reputations, according to PR crisis expert Ronn Torossian

The key to overcoming even the most severe situations is to not only get out of hot water, but cool down the crisis in the process.
Mar 29, 2019

12 must-see movies of 2019 that you may not have heard of yet

Hollywood has a healthy dose of romance, horror, thrill and adventure lined up for you this year. So mark your calendars!
Jan 18, 2019

Critics' Choice Awards 2019: 'Roma' wins big, takes home four awards including Best Picture

Roma took home four awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography for Alfonso Cuarón, and Best Foreign Language Film.
Jan 14, 2019

Ralph Breaks the Internet's new 'Hearts' clip shows Taraji P Henson's character Yesss clearly working her charm

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' has left the confines of the video gaming arcade for a larger playing field and guiding Ralph and Vanellope through their new quest is Taraji's Yesss
Nov 7, 2018

Ariana makes a statement for the first time after split with Pete Davidson: "Time to say bye bye to the internet"

Being in the limelight constantly and criticized for her personal life and Miller's death, her past with the Manchester bombings etc were beginning to drag her down
Oct 17, 2018

Will Smith unveils first poster for Disney's live-action 'Aladdin'

Since Disney has not given us much to go by in this first poster, we will have to wait for the first look which arrives tomorrow to gather further details on this live-action film.
Oct 10, 2018

'Grey's Anatomy' ropes in 'How I Met Your Mother' star Josh Radnor to play Ellen Pompeo's love interest

This should be exciting news for fans of Grey's as well, since now the series is actively exploring its lead character's dating life this season.
Oct 10, 2018

Man tries to prank cat by playing dead and the pet's reaction will shock you

What do you think your cat will do if you were to just drop down dead one day? This video may give you an answer to that question
Oct 10, 2018

Incredible moment dog rescued after spending days in flooded home after Hurricane Florence

Amid the swirling flood waters comes a heartwarming story involving a tiny dog and great human spirit.
Oct 8, 2018

Starz surprises New York Comic Con with unannounced screening of 'Outlander' season four premiere episode

Gabaldon's panel attendance was also a secret and it created an epic surprise for fans who also got to see her along with the cast and creators following the premiere screening.
Oct 7, 2018

Adorable moment driver gives a squirrel CPR and brings it back to life after he accidentally hit it with his car

This heartwarming exchange on the curb has been viewed over 381,000 times with viewers commending the young man for his kindness.
Oct 6, 2018

Justin Bieber called Hailey Baldwin 'wife' during a museum trip and sends fans into a tizzy

How the pop star introduced Hailey has now raised some genuine questions regarding their marital status. Fans, meanwhile, have gone into a meltdown reading the 'husband' word
Oct 2, 2018

Dilbert creator Scott Adams shares heartbreaking news of stepson's death from Fentanyl overdose

Adams became emotional as he shared with his listeners how he would be talking about Fentanyl on Periscope.
Oct 2, 2018

Ariana Grande's latest tweet pleading for "one ok day" shows that all is not well with the singer

The events even before Miller's death may have contributed to this public appeal for privacy and normalcy. 
Sep 28, 2018