Why did Austin Aries leave Twitter? Wrestler roasted for slamming Covid-19 vaccine: 'Didn't know he was a doctor'

Why did Austin Aries leave Twitter? Wrestler roasted for slamming Covid-19 vaccine: 'Didn't know he was a doctor'
Austin Aries quit Twitter after saying more people are dying from Covid-19 vaccines than from the pandemic (Instagram/@austinhealyaries)

Daniel Healy Solwold Jr, who has long shared his opinionated content on Twitter, has now officially exited the social media platform. The American professional wrestler and voice actor was trending on Twitter on March 31 after wrestling fans found out that Daniel aka Austin Aries had deactivated his account.

While the exact reason why he deleted his account is not known, many are speculating that it was after he started getting bashed online for claiming that more people are now dying from Covid-19 vaccines than they did the entire pandemic. The two-time ROH World Champion has sparked much controversy in the past with his right-wing views.  


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In recent times, Aries found himself at the center of several rows for declaring himself an "anti-masker" and for proudly promoting "meet and greets" with fans, on Twitter, without wearing a mask. Last February, he appeared at a signing event, which was criticized due to his taking pictures with fans while being maskless, reported PW Mania. 

Aries wrote the following on Instagram: “The new Austin Aries autographed Tin Foil Hats were a hit today at my signing in NY. I was pleasantly surprised by the conversations I had this weekend on the current state of affairs. I spoke with many who strongly dislike and don’t agree with what’s going on with the covaids and see the agenda for what it is. Plenty of relief when they could lower their face diaper while visiting and taking pictures. Maybe there’s hope for humanity after all…”

“So let’s pick a rabbit hole to jump down….have you heard of adrenochrome? HAARP maybe?” he added.



The post garnered him much criticism, as people began to call him " irresponsible and stupid". His other comments such as "Please show me the statistics of “healthy” people dying and explain what you consider “healthy,"" were also met with social media dissent.

It remains to be seen whether the 42-year-old from Milwaukee will decide to return to Twitter or if he prefers to extend this "break" he has taken from the world of web. He could always bring his account back to life within 30 days if he wants to be on Twitter, although he has not yet given any reason for quitting the platform. For the moment, though, he will have to use another social media site. However, he is still active on his Instagram account.

'Looks like the vaccine got his account!'

Earlier, the wrestler was roasted for tweeting this: "I personally now know of more people who have died after taking the covaids vax than I did this entire "pandemic" from getting the virus itself." Twitter had a field day on Wednesday, March 31, as they joked about the reasons the former wrestler deleted his Twitter account. "Looks like the vaccine got Austin Aires Twitter account!" said a user. "They put Austin Aries' phone on the kitchen counter so he can't reach it to tweet anymore," said another. "Didn't know Austin Aries was a medical doctor," said a third.

"Austin Aries dropped off of Twitter after getting rightly buried here for saying he knew more people who had died from the COVID vaccine than from COVID itself (it's Aries, you know he's lying), and Shapiro claimed long lines aren't voter suppression, anymore than long lines for," said a Twitter user, although this information has not been confirmed by any news outlet yet. Another said, "Austin Aries was shamed off Twitter for this wonderful lie." 






Aries seemed to be responding to a tweet by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com, who claimed that he got the pro-wrestler to quit Twitter. "Was it something I said? Welp. Bye," he said in a tweet, sharing their altercation. "Got Austin Aries to delete his twitter," he said sometime later.



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