Modern Family's Ariel Winter says she wants to delete all her social media accounts

Ariel Winter has officially deleted her Twitter account and is in the process of getting off Instagram after posting a rant about fame, paparazzi and its afflictions

                            Modern Family's Ariel Winter says she wants to delete all her social media accounts
Ariel Winter (Source:Getty Images)

Modern Family's Ariel Winter is fed up with the paparazzi and is now claiming that she wants to get off social media. Ariel tweeted that she is "deleting all social media". In a rant on the platform, the actor expressed her rage against the pesky photographers who seem to refuse to leave her alone.

The 20-year-old brunette bombshell made it clear on Twitter that she would look for "legal" action if the paps did not stop taking photos of her whilst she is in her home. She wrote, "If a paparazzi attempts to take another f-ing picture in front of my house one more time I swear to god I will find ANY SORT of legal action," she said on Tuesday.

She must have been in the mood to reveal her feeling because then she went on to describe the side effects of being as famous as she is to her fans. She said, "Sad when you literally enjoy your job but hate every part of the fame aspect," she tweeted. "Also sad when you desperately want to move somewhere remote so you can just live a normal life in peace." She added that she hated that there were eyes on her everywhere she went and that she was all over the news. "I can't speak for anyone else, but I hate being followed and I hate my sh— out in the news."

Then at 4:21 pm on July 3, she waved Twitter goodbye, literally. Her last known tweet was of a pale wave emoji. She also posted a story on her Instagram saying that she's in the "process of deleting all social media" with a wave. But, as of Wednesday, her Instagram account seems pretty much there. Did she make an impulsive decision with the Twitter account in a moment of emotional rage? It remains to be seen. Ariel has 1,490 posts and 3.9m followers and her bio is as cheeky as it can get. It says, "Perpetually concerned about the dryness of my wenis 🤯"

Ariel has, as long as one can remember, been in a constant state of unrest with social media. Recently, she posted a photo of herself looking solemn as ever at a gas station, her arms crossed like she was pissed off about something.

The post faced a copyright dispute with a paparazzo on the platform and Instagram removed the photo she posted because it was taken by someone else. Ariel, infuriated by the incident, posted about the copyright violation saying, "What in the f*** @instagram ? Lol they removed my photo because it violated someone else’s rights? It’s literally a photo of me that someone sent me on Twitter?"

We guess that wasn't enough because she followed this statement up by posting the picture again and captioning it, "Posting again for the idiots who took down MY PHOTO for violating someone else’s copyright. They violated my space so I should at least be able to post it when I want to or just not be f**king photographed. Will repost every time it’s taken down ❤️❤️❤️ 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼".

Copyright law class, Ariel? Her fans seem to have thought so too and took turns to share what they knew. One user commented, "She didnt take the picture. Even if you give credit, you can't share it unless you get permission from the PHOTOGRAPHER who own COPYRIGHT. MORON."

But this isn't the first time social media has been unkind to her. The television star is often body shamed on her raunchy pictures on Instagram. In the same picture that got deleted because of the copyright issue, one fan pointed out that the shape of her nipples was visible through her grey tank top.

While she didn't clap back at the fan, her 'Modern Family' co-star Sarah Hyland, who is also quite popular and active on Instagram, responded to the comment. Rebuking the user, she said, "To all the pervs commenting on this post? GET OFFLINE AND GET BACK TO YOUR BLOWUP DOLL YA CREEPS!" Ariel too commented on the thread with "when you were perfect. This got taken of me two days ago." Aww, dishing to your on-screen sis in real life? Alex and Hayley for the win.

Their sisterhood was on display on another occasion, this time too, on social media. On a previous photo that Hyland had posted about her series co-stars that featured Ariel, one Instagram user commented, "Why does Ariel look so thirsty all the time?" Sassy as ever, Winter responded, "I'm SO thirsty! Haven't had water in hours. God, I can't believe you can tell I'm dehydrated from this pic." The embarrassed user responded, "my b."

Hyland also got in on the action, joking that she was relieved to see someone else had noticed Winter's condition. "I can't believe they saw that you were dehydrated as well! I was with you in person and couldn't tell!” she wrote. “DO YOU NEED WATER? I'll come to bring you some! I'll be over in 2 minutes." She added, "[W]hy is the sky green? There's no correct answer because the question is wrong," the 27-year-old wrote. "Please don't leave negative comments on my page about my sister! Thank you, bye."