Netflix 'Words Bubble up Like Soda Pop' Full Cast List: Meet the stars from anime movie

Netflix 'Words Bubble up Like Soda Pop' Full Cast List: Meet the stars from anime movie
A still from 'Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop' (Netflix)

The upcoming Japanese anime movie ‘Words Bubble up Like Soda Pop’ chronicles the journey of Cherry, a high school student who loves to write. However, he is really terrible at communicating with others. That’s why he always puts on his headphones to get away from conversations. Meanwhile, a girl named Smile, who uses a mask to hide how to hide her large teeth and showing others how happy she is.

However, their lives turn upside down when they accidentally meet each other for the first time in a shopping mall. The romance blooms in the Netflix movie when two different personalities meet and it happens through video, poems, and music.


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‘Words Bubble up Like Soda Pop’ is another great addition to Netflix’s anime catalog. Projects like ‘Eden’, ‘Wish Dragon’ and ‘The Way of the Househusband’ have been really successful on the platform, and makers will be hoping to get similar success this time around.

The voice cast is stacked with some of the finest talents in the Japanese entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at the cast of the upcoming anime movie.


Official poster of 'Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop' (Netflix)



Somegoro Ichikawa as Cherry

Born on January 8, 1973, Ichikawa is one of the veterans in the Japanese entertainment industry and has been working since 1989. His acting debut came in 1989 with the TV series ‘Dai Chushingura’. He would go on to feature in another TV show titled ‘Genji Monogatari’ in 1991.


Somegoro Ichikawa (Rotten Tomatoes)


In 1997, he tasted success with the movie ‘Welcome Back, Mr. Macdonald’. The movie was a part of various international film festivals and won several awards. After the success of the aforementioned title, he started getting some really good offers and went on to star in various critically acclaimed ventures. However, his moment of glory came in 2005 when he gave back-to-back blockbuster hits in the form of ‘The Samurai I Loved’ and ‘Ashura-jo no Hitomi’. Ichikawa received various accolades for his role in the respective movies, including Best Actor at the Hochi Film Awards.


Hana Sugisaki as Smile

Sugisaki has achieved a lot of success in a very short period of time and is one of the few young Japanese film stars who have made it big in the international circuit as well. Born on October 2, 1997, Sugisaki debuted as a child actress and did several advertisements. However, she decided to step away from the industry, but she subsequently decided that she wanted to be an actress.


Hana Sugisaki attends the "Blade Of The Immortal (Mugen No Junin)" photocall during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 18, 2017, in Cannes, France (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)


Her career began in 2012 with ‘Ouran High School Host Club’. Up until 2016, Sugisaki appeared in a lot of projects as a supporting actress and gained a lot of prominence after her role in the movie ‘Her Love Boils Bathwater’. The actress received numerous accolades for her acting in the film, including Best Supporting Actress at the Japan Academy Film Prize. Since then, Sugisaki has become one of the leading faces of the industry.


Natsuki Hanae as Japan

Hanae aspired to become a voice actor after watching ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ and joined Across Entertainment to start his journey. He made his first leading role in ‘Tari Tari’ and was also credited as the music composer in a couple of episodes. Since then, Hanae has been a part of the voice cast in more than 115 projects and has achieved a lot of acclaim for his work.


Natsuki Hanae (IMDb)


Apart from TV shows and movies, Hanae has also done a lot of dubbing for various Hollywood movies such as ‘Artemis Fowl’, ‘Monster Hunter’, ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ and most recently, ‘Cruella’. 


Kikuko Inoue as Tsubasa Fujiyama

The Japanese voice actress is known for her roles in various acclaimed titles. Her vocal roles are usually female characters characterized as dignified, reserved, beautiful, kind, regal, or mature. Inoue is one of the most renowned names in Japan and has worked on over 350 projects in her illustrious career.

She has been doing dubbing for a lot of Hollywood films since the 90s. ‘The Mask’, ‘The Ring’, ‘Deep Blue Sea’, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘The Help’, ‘Rambo: Last Blood’, and ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ are some of the projects she has done dubbing for.


Kikuko Inoue (Moveifit)


Apart from voice acting, Inoue has also produced 11 studio albums in Japan and achieved a lot of success in the music industry as well. 


Megumi Han as Bieber

Megumi Han is the daughter of the iconic voice actress Keiko Han and aspired to become a voice actress after seeing her mom. In 2008, after a general public call for the movie ‘Sakura no Sono’, she made her debut as Satoshi Wada while studying at the Department of Drama at Nihon University College of Art. In 2011, she made her debut as a voice actress in the role of the main character Gon Freecss in the 2011 anime series ‘Hunter × Hunter’. In the audition, she was unanimously chosen from over 100 participants


Megumi Han (Instgram/@han_meg_han)


Han has been the voice of Chloe Grace Moretz in Japanese versions of her movie. She has given her voice to Moretz’s performances in movies like ‘Let Me In’, ‘Carrie’, ‘The Equalizer’ and ‘Dark Places’. Apart from them, she has dubbed for ventures such as ‘Warm Bodies’, ‘The Neon Demon’, ‘Famous in Love’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, ‘Lights Out’, and ‘Independence Days: Resurgence’.

Excited about ‘Words Bubble up Like Soda Pop’? Catch the exciting new movie on Netflix on July 22. 


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