SBS Inkigayo Full Performers List: SHINee vs Ateez sets the stage for lineup featuring Wonho, Sunmi and iKon

Inkigayo will also welcome their new hosts for the show: An Yu-jin, Treasure’s Jihoon, and NCT’s Sungchan

                            SBS Inkigayo Full Performers List: SHINee vs Ateez sets the stage for lineup featuring Wonho, Sunmi and iKon
SBS Inkigayo lineup will feature Ateez and SHINee (Ateez YouTube/SHINee Twitter)

The first episode of SBS Inkigayo for March 7 will be jam-packed with a number of K-pop treats for fans. SHINee is coming back with yet another iconic performance of ‘Don’t Call Me’ and Ateez will be raising the heat with ‘Fireworks’ quite literally. Sunmi is back to claim her throne and iKon will be there with their heart-melting ‘Why Why Why’.

Along with this lineup featuring K-pop’s best, Inkigayo will also welcome their new hosts for the show IZ*ONE’s An Yu-jin, Treasure’s Jihoon, and NCT’s Sungchan. The trio will take over from MONSTA X's Minhyuk, April's Naeun and NCT's Jaehyun, popularly known as MinNaHyun who hosted the show for over a year and eight months.

Who are SBS Inkigayo's new hosts? IZ*ONE Ahn Yujin, NCT Sungchan and TREASURE Jihoon take over from MinNaHyun

iKon 'Why Why Why': Kim Donghyuk cried while recording emotional MV, now fans too say it 'hits hard in the guts'

iKon will be back in Inkigayo to perform 'Why Why Why' (iKon Instagram)

Full Performers list


Prior to the show 'Kingdom', Ateez dropped their comeback album ‘Zero: Fever Part 2' with the title track 'Fireworks (I'm The One)' on March 1.

Ateez is making their comeback with 'ZERO : FEVER Part.2' in March 1st (Ateez Instagram)


iKon released their digital single 'Why Why Why' on March 3 and took over the internet with its heart-wrenching vocals and clever aesthetics. 

'Why Why Why' is causing a tear fest in fans (iKon YouTube)



A new K-pop group of GF Entertainment, KINGDOM released their debut album 'History Of Kingdom: PartⅠ. Arthur’ on February 18.

Kingdom debuted with 'History Of Kingdom: PartⅠ. Arthur' (Kingdom Instagram)


MCND, the five-act K-pop group consisting of Castle J, Bic, Minjae, Huijun and Win released their third EP 'MCND Age' with the title track 'Crush'. 



PIXY, the girl group debuted on February 24, 2021, with the digital single 'With My Wings.'




SHINee released their much anticipated seventh album 'Don't Call Me' on February 22. The album has debuted at number one on Gaon Albums chart.



VERIVERY, the K-pop septet, released their album 'Series ‘O’ Round 1: Hall' with lead single 'Get Away' on March 2.



Golden Child made quite a buzz with its fifth EP 'Yes.', The cinematic music video of 'Burn It' was quite a favorite with fans.













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Catch Inkigayo on March 7, Sunday at 3.50 pm KST on SBS K-pop YouTube channel.


With Ateez returning to SBS Inkigayo and SINee currently reigning the charts, Wonho debuting second at Gaon Album chart following SHINee and iKon gearing up for Kingdom, this week's Inkigayo significantly portraying a neck to neck fight. A fan said, "if some shows next week will be shinee vs ateez don't talk to me!" An Ateez fan said, "ATINYs!!! We need digitals to win on Inkigayo for the very first time!! Please, keep the motivation, keep streaming,I know it's hard but the gratification if #ATEEZ can win this will last forever! Let's push harder for our pirate kings!! Let's go back to TOP10!!!" An iKon fan said, "we'll be getting jihoon interviewing iKON, Rosé and Yoon on inkigayo and Jihoon, Jiwon, Mino (and Dara as an mc) on Video Star!!!! YG STANS ARE WINNING!"




Stream some of the iconic stages of last week's Inkigayo here:


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