Woman picks 'gorgeous' dress for a wedding, but the Internet absolutely hates it, here's why

Woman picks 'gorgeous' dress for a wedding, but the Internet absolutely hates it, here's why
Lauren Candy is a fashion influencer (Instagram/@100laurencandy)

BRISTOL, ENGLAND: A fashion influencer who posted an outfit that she deemed "perfect" to wear as a wedding guest unwittingly sparked a discussion on the internet. Lauren Candy, also known as @100laurencandy on Instagram, shared a brief video of the dress with her more than 128K followers.

In the video, she referred to the light green, almost white, dress as "quite possibly the most stunning wedding guest dress ever," saying she "gasped" after putting it on. The dress is identified as the cami embellished midi dress with embroidery in sage green and looks to be from ASOS' Bridesmaid collection. The summery costume, which costs £110 ($134), features a midi-length tiered skirt, a square neckline, and delicate floral embroidery.


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While the influencer was quite enamored with the garment, some viewers in the comments of her video weren't impressed with it. The dress was criticized as being a poor choice for a wedding due to the fact that the embroidered dress looked to be white in some viewers' opinions. According to the standard wedding etiquette, it is preferable for visitors to refrain from wearing light colored garments and leave it for the bride. Given this, a few viewers commented that the outfit would not be appropriate to wear to a wedding.



'Perfect dress if you want to get kicked out'

One user commented, "Perfect dress if you want to get kicked out," white another agreed, adding, "I know it’s green but it is wayyyy too pale to wear to a wedding." A third quipped, "It’s a bit light for me to feel comfortable in at a wedding, but they also sell it in a rose color," while a fourth chimed in, "Cute dress not for a wedding guest though." Another user added, "Girl u can’t wear that to a wedding it’s white."


'It’s literally a green dress'

However, others were puzzled as to why so many thought the sage dress is white, pointing out that it is obviously pale green. One wrote, "I’m so lost I see green how are ppl seeing white," while another agreed, saying, "It’s literally a green dress. Only an incredibly insecure bride would be offended by this. Y’all relax." A third said, "It is clearly not white why are people saying that. the white cardigan on Lauren’s rail is a good comparison!!"

'Y'all making me doubt my eyesight'

In a follow-up video posted to her Tiktok, Candy cleared up the confusion over the dress' color, putting it next to a white piece of fabric, to clearly show the distinction between the two colors. She wrote a caption saying, "Y'all making me doubt my eyesight now so let's prove it's green." During the clip, she said, "This dress seems to be stirring up a fair bit of controversy. Just to prove to the internet that I know what my colours are, this is a white top and this is the dress [which is] clearly green. Personally, if someone wore this to my wedding, I'd be saying how beautiful they are...but of course everyone has their own opinions."


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 Woman picks 'gorgeous' dress for a wedding, but the Internet absolutely hates it, here's why