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All for love: Woman accuses ex-husband of using their minor son’s pic to get dates online

'I know that these images, even if put out there with the best intentions, aren’t always used for the best intentions by other people,' she said
(Representational image: Getty Images/ Weedezign)
(Representational image: Getty Images/ Weedezign)

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: A mother has lambasted her former husband and alleged that he is using their juvenile son’s photos to get dates on online dating platforms. The unnamed woman spoke with Kidspot and revealed that she and her ex were together for seven years before going their separate ways.

They reportedly share a five-year-old son, and to give him a good upbringing, they sorted out their differences and began co-parenting. The child’s time has reportedly been divided between both the parents’ houses. However, a new problem arose when the woman found that the man has online dating profiles and the pictures posted on them included their son.


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“I can't begin to say how absolutely horrified I was to discover our son’s image being used for this purpose. I was not asked, nor told, instead, a mutual friend brought it to my attention which made the whole thing even worse. It felt purposefully deceitful,” the woman said.

She went on to explain, “I have always been very strict when it comes to e-safety. I work in an industry that is related to this and I am very aware of some of the usages of children’s images that have often been uploaded to social media, or other sites or applications. I know that these images, even if put out there with the best intentions, aren’t always used for the best intentions by other people. Because of this, I have always insisted on two rules – no public photos shared online of our son and that we need to ask his permission to share any image that includes him. I think consent is critical even at a young age.”

The anonymous mother stated that she first checked with their son if he had any idea his father was using his images, "He didn’t,” She stated. “I called Luke and asked to speak with him in person. When he came around, I ensured that [their son] was out with my mum so I could speak with him privately,” before noting, “I said that he was effectively using Billy to increase his chances of finding dates. That the only reason he was using the picture was that it framed him as the ‘hands-on single dad’ stereotype and that this would appeal to women.”

But the man apparently disregarded his former wife's concerns by calling it “overreacting” and “ridiculous”. He also claimed to agree with the “rules” earlier because “he knew that there was no reasoning with me about it but now that he was not with me, he no longer wished to follow it,” the woman added. “He said everyone uses images of their kids online and what did it matter if it was a Facebook or Instagram profile picture or a dating profile one? He also added that heaps of other people do it on dating apps too and that it isn’t to make him look likable but just because Billy is a part of the package if anyone were to date him,” the woman told the publication.

Sharing her helplessness and limitations over the whole situation, the mother added, “The thought of any adult being able to view Billy online, in numerous dating apps of all places, well it just makes me feel sick. The fact is though, there isn’t really much I can do about it so I just hope that some decent woman matches with Luke ASAP so he can take the profiles down.”