Willy Suarez Maceo: Real estate agent dubbed 'serial killer' who hunted the homeless

Willy Suarez Maceo: Real estate agent dubbed 'serial killer' who hunted the homeless
Willy Suarez Maceo, a real estate agent from Miami is being investigated as suspected serial killer (Miami-Dade County Police)

The Miami police nabbed a 'serial killer' suspect who targeted the homeless population. The suspect is identified as 25-year-old Willy Suarez Maceo, a real estate agent. He was arrested on December 23 after he shot two homeless men near downtown Miami. 

In the first incident, Maceo shot a man in the head at 400 SW 2nd Avenue around 8 pm and then arrived at a sidewalk at Miami Avenue and 21st street in Wynwood where he shot at Jerome Antonio Price. The 56-year-old man was sleeping on the sidewalk when Maceo allegedly shot at him and killed him. The first victim has survived the shooting but there's no further update on his condition for now. The police are now investigating whether he is connected to the murder of 59-year-old Manuel Perez who died at 27 SE 1st Street on October 16. 


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Who is Willy Suarez Maceo?

Maceo was initially arrested on a trespassing charge on Thursday after he refused to leave an area marked with visible "no trespassing" signs at 445 Northwest 4th Street, police records state. Later on, he was investigated for the two shootings. Interim Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales said in a news briefing that they were planning to charge him with a count of murder and a count of attempted murder. He was also described as a "suspected serial killer" who mainly targeted the homeless in Miami city. “Homeless individuals for apparent no reason had been brutally targeted," Morales said, adding, "They felt the pain and injustice suffered at the hands of a brutal individual."

A firearm was recovered from his Dodge Charger. This was the same car that was caught driving away after the shootings on Tuesday in the surveillance videos. The man in the footage closely resembles Maceo. This coupled with a rapid ballistics test on the firearm in his vehicle which he had a permit helped in tying him to the shootings. Morales described Maceo as a "ruthless killer" and suspected that there might be more victims that "suffered at the hands of this ruthless individual." Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said, "We're not sure how many instances he committed and we're not sure how many instances he would have committed had he not been stopped by the good work of the police department." He added, "The fact that he chose to prey on people who are essentially defenseless, it's cold and callous."

A quick glance at Maceo's social media reveals he's passionate about guns. In one of his Instagram stories, he is pictured tucking his weapon in its holster with a text inlay that reads, "Is your realtor a pistol instructor? reach me today for your license." In another story, he displayed several guns on a table. Maceo sells properties in Miami, South Miami, Kendall and Palmetto Bay. He has no previous arrests in the state of Florida, according to a Daily Mail report

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