Andrés Mendoza: Cannibal serial killer confesses to 30 murders and disfiguring cop's wife for being 'pretty'

Andrés Mendoza: Cannibal serial killer confesses to 30 murders and disfiguring cop's wife for being 'pretty'
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Warning: Graphic content

A suspected serial killer believed to have taken the lives of several women admitted before a court that he removed the skin from the face of a woman because she “was very pretty”. Andrés Mendoza — an ex-butcher — reportedly made the horrifying confession during a four-hour hearing in Mexico while facing charges for the murder of the wife of a serving police officer.

Mendoza, who has reportedly admitted to five murders, was arrested after 34-year-old Reyna González went missing in Atizapán de Zaragoza. When the 72-year-old’s house was searched, the cop husband of the missing woman discovered her body along with bodies of nine other women. The accused also reportedly confessed to eating the body parts of his victims after killing them.


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Mendoza was presented in court on Thursday, May 20, where he stated “all I want to do is tell the truth”. He added, “I removed the skin from her face because she was very pretty. What has been done is done. The husband is there, he saw everything.” When interrogated, the man allegedly said that he had killed a number of women over the last 20 years with some fearing he may have taken the lives of at least 30. The accused also apparently made a list of his victims.

Prosecutor Dilcya Garcia said, “We found a basement made by the suspect which had a terrible scene with human remains. At least right now, we have the belongings of what could be five people, but there is also a notebook, a list, where there are names of different people, different women.”

A report said that the police officer named Bruno Portillo last saw his wife alive on May 14 before going to work. The couple had planned to meet to go shopping for spare parts for the used cell phone business she ran. However, when González did not return home, Portillo went to Mendoza’s house to check. He failed to go inside, so he reportedly called other police officers and then entered the house to discover the bodies.

An attorney, Sergio Baltazar, for González's family said her family would not get her remains immediately because the coroner could take weeks to legally confirm her identity through DNA samples. Baltazar said, “These types of people feel pleasure in taking the lives of other people. This person is a psychopath because he does not feel regret, so much so that he tells the Public Ministry, in the presence of a defense attorney, the circumstances of how it happened, (as well as) the other events of the other people he has murdered.”

In another bizarre incident, a mother from Arizona allegedly murdered her two young kids after “hearing voices telling her to kill” them. The Tempe Police Department said the accused, identified as Yui Inoue, told a cop that she’s “hearing voices telling her to kill” her daughter and son — aged nine and seven respectively. “There was an officer that was heading out of the station just to take care of his normal patrol duties for the day and she seemed pretty frantic and flagged him down,” Sgt Steven Carbajal, a spokesperson for the police department, stated.

After that, the cop along with other officers went to the woman’s home and found bodies of the children “with obvious signs of physical trauma”. “It was very tragic what officers encountered, and we're trying to support the father and our officers right now. Our officers are really struggling,” the spokesperson added.

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