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Will Michael Darby appear on 'RHOP' after his divorce from Ashley Darby?

Regarding what their separation means for the upcoming season, Ashley disclosed Michael won't be showing up
Ashley Boalch Darby and Michael Darby in 'RHOP' Reunion (YouTube/Bravo)
Ashley Boalch Darby and Michael Darby in 'RHOP' Reunion (YouTube/Bravo)

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: Ashley Darby is gearing up to relive her split on the upcoming season of 'The Real Housewives of Potomac'. Ashley has spoken up about her separation from partner Michael Darby, over six months after announcing it, and how it will play out on the reality program.

"Michael and I have decided to separate, and it's a really difficult decision," she told Entertainment Tonight. "But ultimately I think it is the best decision for us, because I just really am a different person than I was when he met me." "It has just sort of been a long time coming," she confessed, "It's just been piling up." In the middle of the couple's continued struggle with "different expectations for the relationship," the reality star also mentioned a "pivotal moment that made it come to fruition."


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In terms of what this implies for the future season, she indicated that Michael will not be appearing. "Michael has decided that he doesn't wanna be a part of [the show] anymore, and I respect that," she told the publication. "It was a really difficult thing where he didn't have any privacy for a while there."

According to Michael, she said, "I'm 62 years old, and I just wanna have my life back."

In 2014, Ashley married Michael. Dean and Dylan are their two kids. After eight years of marriage, the Bravolebrity announced their split in April. Despite their separation, she stated that the former couple "will always love and respect each other."


Are Ashley and Michael actually divorcing?

Ashley Darby announced her separation from her spouse, Michael Darby, in April, but her family members are skeptical that the divorce is proceeding smoothly. Ashley can be seen discussing her split with her Uncle Lump and her mother, Sheila, in a sneak peek scene from Sunday's Season 7 premiere. "Initially, the prenup said that I wouldn’t get alimony, that I would just get a lump sum," Ashley adds, "but my prenup is now not valid anymore if we’re married for five years."

She and Michael had been married for over eight years. As a result, Ashley argues that “theoretically, I would get half” of his “assets.”

But don't expect to find out what it implies. When asked whether she knows how much "half" is, Ashley says, "I will never say how much money" her estranged husband has, but she does admit, "I will say that I think he does well."

Continuing to grill her, the 'RHOP' producer says, "How much money would you need in order to live comfortably?"

Ashley responds, "I can’t even begin to think about how much money I need because I don’t really pay for anything."

The revelations come flowing at the dinner table with Sheila and Uncle Lump, who aren't thrilled that Ashley hasn't hired a lawyer yet. "Why not?" Uncle Lump inquires, causing Ashley to clarify that she and her ex-husband "talked about sitting down and having a proposal."

And it isn't their only plan together. When asked if Michael's name will be on the house she plans to buy, Ashley says, "Not on the house, but we are creating an LLC and the house is gonna be in the name of the LLC."

"An LLC with a house in his name — man, what kind of life are you living?" Uncle Lump inquires. "Are you getting a divorce or creating another business?"


Listen to Ashley's response when Season 7 premieres on Bravo on Sunday, October 9 at 8/7c with a 75-minute supersize episode. Ashley will also break the news to her co-stars in the forthcoming seventh season of the show. "When I told the ladies it was very fresh," she explained, "so this season really does go through the ins and outs and the very conflicting emotions that I had about the separation, it's really rocky."