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What is Ashley Darby's net worth? 'RHOP' star set to receive half of Michael Darby's assets

Thanks to their prenup agreement, 'RHOP' star Ashley is set to see a windfall of money post her divorce from Michael Darby
UPDATED APR 20, 2022
'RHOP' star Ashley Darby (Ashley Darby/ Instagram)
'RHOP' star Ashley Darby (Ashley Darby/ Instagram)

From Nicki Minaj to 'Real Housewives of Potomac' fans, everybody had questions about Ashley and Michael Darby's marriage. From the vast age difference of 29 years between them to their open marriage and Michael's repeated infidelity, everybody was intrigued by the Darbys' relationship. While it made for great reality television content, fans always wondered why Ashley was putting up with Michael's constant disrespect and mistreatment of her. 

Though fans always speculated that Ashley was staying with Michael just for money, the 'RHOP' star kept squashing these rumors and claimed that she loved him. It looks like that love is helping Ashley strike gold as the former beauty queen announced that she and Michael were separating. As per the couple's prenuptial agreement, if Ashley and Michael's marriage ended in divorce post five years then she would be entitled to inherit half of his wealth. The five-year clause was supposed to come into effect after the couple completed the first three years of their marriage together. You don't need to be a Sherlock Holmes level sleuth to deduce that 2022 marks the end of their five-year clause, which basically means Ashley's net worth is set to see a meteoric rise from her existing $5 million net worth. If you're curious to know more about Ashley's net worth and the couple's prenuptial agreement, then keep reading.


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Ashley and Michael Darby's prenuptial agreement

Michael, who is a real-estate mogul, was already married with two children prior to meeting Ashley. After four years of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot. Prior to their marriage, Michael and Ashley signed a prenuptial agreement that clearly spelled out how their assets were to be divided in case of a divorce. In an earlier episode of 'RHOP,' Ashley explained their prenup agreement in detail. "Our prenup defines that I get a certain lump sum amount if we divorce before the three-year mark, but post the three-year mark, I get more than that. I’d get half," the housewife explained. The couple got married in 2014, and their initial agreement ended in 2017, following which it was further extended to five years, i.e., 2022. So now Ashley is entitled to 50% of Michael's $20 million fortune!


Ashley Darby's net worth

Like many of her fellow 'Real Housewives' stars, Ashley married into wealth. The Potomac housewife came from humble beginnings and was raised by her single mother who had to take care of Ashley and her siblings. To help out her mother financially, Ashley took up a job as a bartender. Her life changed when she was crowned Miss District of Columbia in 2011. She began dating Michael and the couple got married in 2014. 

With Michael's help, Ashley set up a restaurant called Oz Restaurant and Bar, which specializes in Australian cuisine. Thanks to her paycheque from 'RHOP' and her business ventures supported by Michael, Ashley managed to amass a fortune of $5 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. But thanks to the couple's prenup agreement, Ashley is set to see a windfall of money post her divorce from Michael. So it might be safe to assume that Ashley's new net worth will be in the range of $15 million, making her the richest 'RHOP' star!