Will Louis Tomlinson drop new documentary on birthday? One Direction fans say it's titled ‘Faith In the Future’

While interacting with fans on March 30, Louis Tomlinson replied to who suggested that he should work on his documentary : 'Already on it love'

                            Will Louis Tomlinson drop new documentary on birthday? One Direction fans say it's titled ‘Faith In the Future’
Louis Tomlinson says 'already on it' when asked if he is making a documentary (Getty Images)

Was Louis Tomlinson the most productive person in 2020? One Direction fans surely believe so as the British singer has just dropped a surprise for fans announcing that he is working on a documentary along with his other musical endeavors. Since the announcement, fans have been hard at work coming up with different names and editing the preview pages. 1D fans have also started speculating about the date, asserting if the 'Walls' crooner will be dropping the documentary on his birthday late this year.

Tomlinson was last seen in December of 2020 holding a virtual concert for charity and the massive sales of tickets counting to almost 160,000 made the live concert the most live-streamed concert by a male solo artist of the year and the third overall.


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Louis Tomlinson teases new documentary, fans go bonkers (Getty Images)

'Faith In the Future'

While interacting with fans on March 30, Tomlinson replied to a fan who suggested that he should work on his documentary and the singer replied, "Already on it love." Earlier, Tomlinson also put out a Twitter status that said, 'Faith In the Future' and fans took it as the title of the docu in making sharing various edits of it. It is to be noted that Tomlinson has not confirmed any dates for his documentary, however, fans have already begun to speculate what the title of the project could be.

With the announcement, fans have started speculating the possible date for the documentary release and a number of fans believe that it can very well be his birthday. A fan wrote, "Me hearing the news of LOUIS TOMLINSON DOCUMENTARY and if he releases it on his birthday." Another stated, "I cannot believe louis tomlinson straight up confirmed he was working on a documentary."









Sharing edits of how the preview of the documentary will look like, fan pages have tweeted cinematic layouts. One said, "Louis Tomlinson: Faith in The Future — a Netflix documentary." Another explained why every tweet from the singer may contain hidden messages of his music project writing, "You know why i don't consider louis tomlinson saying "faith in the future" or "369" as nothing?? because THIS IS HOW HIS EXTRA ARSE ANNOUNCED THE RELEASE OF "DON'T LET IT BREAK YOUR HEART"!!!"






Tomlinson last released his solo debut album 'Walls' with Artista Records on January 31, 2020, which debuted at number 4 on the UK Albums Chart and standing at number 9 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the first new album for Arista Records in almost nine years to hit the top 10 on the chart.


Stream 'Walls' from the album here


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