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Will classmate's past letter help actor Nam Joohyuk? Why legal action won't stop bullying rumors

Nam Joo-hyuk's label had shared that all school bullying rumors were false and that they would be taking legal action
UPDATED JUN 21, 2022
A former classmate of the actor had shared in February 2021 - unprovoked - that Nam Joo-hyuk had been kind in school (@skawngur/Instagram)
A former classmate of the actor had shared in February 2021 - unprovoked - that Nam Joo-hyuk had been kind in school (@skawngur/Instagram)

On June 20, another Korean celebrity fell to the dangerous school bullying claims. A former classmate of actor Nam Joo-hyuk of ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ fame shared that he was a school bully in middle school as well as high school. The actor allegedly bullied the accuser for six years, hung out with the iljin group (rich kid bullies), and was involved in gang assaults. The accuser also made claims that Joo-hyuk was rude, swore and assaulted him, forced him to run errands and also bullied his friends. They apparently needed psychiatric treatment and even avoid watching TV out of fear of Joo-hyuk’s appearance on their screen.

School bullying in South Korea is extremely violent and severe. Just a couple of months ago, a clip of a group of South Korean kids assaulting a student claiming to give him birthday bumps went viral globally. It isn't surprising that the general public often drops Korean celebrities over rumors instead of waiting for proof or evidence. In early 2021, there had been a systematic attack on K-pop idols with fake rumors cropping up that they had been bullies. Now, despite Nam Joo-hyuk’s label sharing that all bullying rumors are false and that they will take legal action, his reputation has been marred.

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Nam Joo-hyuk’s former classmate’s past letter goes viral

Even after Joo-hyuk’s acting label shared that they would be taking legal action for spreading false rumors, Knetizens made comments like, “Another one bites the dust,” “Agencies needs to start doing background checks,” and “Isn't he best friends with thug iljin actor Jisoo.” It should be noted that actor Jisoo was cleared of bullying allegations and is taking legal action against those spreading malicious rumors. However, his reputation has been ruined with Knetizens still believing that he is a bully. And fans are afraid that the same might happen to Nam Joo-hyuk, whose only hope is a motiveless letter written by another classmate in February 2021 praising the actor.

The letter was written a year before the current bullying allegations surfaced. It states that even though they were not really friends, the classmate remembered Nam Joo-hyuk for being innocent, kind, and positive. He fondly remembered Joo-hyuk who simply slept in class, didn’t get good grades, and missed classes because he was on the basketball team. The former classmate shared, “I want to write a letter to Nam Joo Hyuk. You may not remember me, but I remember you. You were really innocent, nice, and looked after me. That’s how I remember you. You must be so busy with your schedule, look after yourself, and I will look forward to your work in the future. I am rooting for you from afar. Fighting!”


'Can't ruin a good man'

The classmate's letter - written for no apparent reason except to thank Nam Joo-hyuk - is now making the rounds among Knetizens. The tide is now turning in the actor’s favor as Knetz feel that if Joo-hyuk was part of a popular bullying gang and assaulted classmates, no one would have written such a thankful letter. One Knetizen pointed out how this letter would be much more helpful than the agency’s legal action, “Wow, this letter written a year ago is now a post that will bring Nam Joo-hyuk out of this crisis. If you are exposed to school violence, no matter how much the agency sues you, saying it is groundless -> Netizens will blow smoke in the chimney even when it is fake, / Even if there is no evidence- >There is no evidence of bullying in the first place and the victim's memory is the evidence... I don't know if Nam Joo-hyuk will see this post, but if I was him, I would be very grateful.”

Now Knetizens are making positive comments bashing the accuser for trying to ruin an innocent person, “Those bastards who said nonsense about being a bully go to jail.” Another shared, “This letter really saved Nam Joo-hyuk…” One fan tweeted, “Sleeps everytime and didn't study very much 😭😭The only joohyuk slander I will take.” Another fan shared, “You can't ruin a good man.”



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