Who is Wilbert Mora? NYPD cop, 27, battles for life after being shot by Harlem man

Wilbert Mora's colleague and NYPD cop Jason Rivera, 22, was shot dead by suspect Lashawn McNeil who then struck Mora

                            Who is Wilbert Mora? NYPD cop, 27, battles for life after being shot by Harlem man
Wilbert Mora was shot in the head by Lashawn McNeil and is currently battling for life (NYPD)

HARLEM, NEW YORK CITY: A 27-year-old NYPD cop is battling for life in critical care after he was shot by Harlem domestic violence suspect Lashawn McNeil, who is also accused of killing NYPD officer Jason Rivera. Wilbert Mora, 27, and fellow NYPD officer Rivera, 22, had attended a domestic violence call on Friday, January 21. Upon reaching the scene, Rivera was fatally shot in the hallway by the 47-year-old suspect, who was supposedly arguing with his mother. He then took a shot at Mora, who miraculously survived despite having a bullet lodged in his brain. 

According to the NYPD website, "When the officers arrived at the apartment about 6:30 pm, they spoke with the suspect's mother. Officer Rivera and another officer went to the rear of the apartment to interview the suspect while the third officer stayed with the mother. As the officers approached the door to a room the suspect was in, the suspect opened the door and immediately began to fire at the officers, striking Officer Rivera and one of his partners. The third officer returned fire wounding the suspect. Officer Rivera and the second wounded officer were both transported to Harlem Hospital in grave condition. Officer Rivera succumbed to his wounds a short time later."

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According to the latest updates from the police, Mora had already undergone one critical procedure on Saturday, January 22 at the Harlem Hospital. Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch stated that Mora was "in for a long struggle, but we're hoping he makes it through that struggle." He went on to add, "He’s a strong kid. So we’re hopeful that one day you will be here, and we walk him out."

The 27-year-old officer had been working with NYPD since 2018. He is single and appears to be close with his family. His mother has been with him for a long time but his present condition remains unknown. 

New York Mayor Eric Adams visited a recovering Mora at the hospital and offered prayers for his family. "I just want to save my energy for prayers for my fellow officer. Once you wear that uniform you never forget this job. I just want to love and pray and hug the family and let them know that people of faith are with them, and that fear is useless," Adams noted. 

Besides him, NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell noted, "I am struggling to find the words to express what we are enduring, we're mourning and we're angry. The pain their families are experiencing is not something anyone can put into words."

Meanwhile, shooting suspect Lashawn McNeil was later shot in the neck and shoulder by another accompanying officer of Rivera and Mora. He is also currently known to be in critical condition.