'The Bachelorette' 2022: Why Tino Franco isn't right for Rachel? Fans find him to be 'one large walking red flag'

'The Bachelorette' 2022: Why Tino Franco isn't right for Rachel? Fans find him to be 'one large walking red flag'
Tino Franco in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)

MEXICO, NORTH AMERICA: Tino Franco, a participant on 'The Bachelorette' Season 19, has been singled out for acting like a jerk when he doesn't have Rachel Recchia's attention. The general contractor appears to be the obvious front-runner in Rachel's circle of guys, but over the last couple of weeks, he has been able to demonstrate the overbearing side of himself.

Tino and Rachel have had a special relationship since the first night when he got her first impression rose. He eventually received Rachel's special one-on-one date in Paris, during which she professed to be in love with him. Even though Tino has had one of the strongest ties from the jump, it is clear that he has had reservations about things between them on multiple occasions. With the show in its last phase with Tino as one of the front-runners to be Rachel's fiancé, fans have expressed their discontent towards him.


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Tino being a BABY BACK B***H

Rachel ended up canceling her group date when the group flew to Belgium because she was feeling stressed after discovering that Logan wanted to switch to Gabby's group of men instead of hers. Tino instantly expressed his displeasure, later informing Rachel that it had made him feel invisible because he felt they might have had an incredible experience in Belgium. Many people began to criticize Tino for being a sore loser and a lousy sport after he had a more severe breakdown. Tino went on an expedition with Rachel to the cheese capital of the world with Ethan Kang, Tyler Norris, and Aven Jones during the group date in Amsterdam. Tino won a cheese-carrying challenge as part of the group date. Nevertheless, when Tino did not get the group date rose later that evening after Tyler had received it, he broke down in front of the producers. Tino started cursing and claimed Tyler getting the rose was a joke, then added he was concerned Rachel didn't like him as much as he liked her.

Criticizing Tino for being impatient, a fan wrote on Twitter: "Not Tino being a baby back bitch again. Can he not show an ounce of patience? #TheBachelorette #bachelorette." Another fan tweeted: "Tino having to wait for anything ever #bachelorette #thebachelorette."



Has a disapproving father

Rachel and Tino hit it off right away, however, Tino's family was dubious of Rachel and the procedure. Joe, Tino's father, instantly questioned the legitimacy of his son's relationship with Rachel. "How much time do you guys get together?" Joe inquired as Tino informed his parents about his intense feelings for them. When Tino says he intends to propose to Rachel at the end of the show, Joe questions him, saying, "What are you talking about? After two months?”

“When you know, you know,” Tino remarked. “We’re going to have to have a talk,” Joe said. “I was not expecting my dad to be really stringent with his questions,” Tino told the cameras. “Clearly, he’s really skeptical about the situation.”

When Rachel started talking to Joe alone, he began to question her about her future goals. Rachel later informed producers that she believes Tino's family disliked her after meeting her.

Fans who don't trust Tino's father after their hometown date, tweeted: "Tino’s family rubs me the wrong way.. especially his father. No go. #TheBachelorette." Fans want Rachel to get out of the relationship as they think her own father wouldn't appreciate her getting treated the way Tino's father did: "rachel girl….. if you dont get out…. your father will be LIVID at how tino’s father treated you…. GET OUT #TheBachelorette."



Constantly gaslighting Rachel

When Rachel began canceling group dates for "the right reasons," it seemed to irritate her front-runner AKA Tino Franco - which in turn angered some viewers. Instead of recognizing where she was coming from and sympathizing with how difficult it could be to be the lead in the franchise's first dual-lead season, Tino opted to gaslight her into feeling guilty that she didn't cancel the group date for a one-on-one with him instead.

While Rachel confirmed Tino's future plans with her, Tino kept what fans think gaslighting her. One of them wrote: "Rachel: Can you go forward with your parents not approving? Tino: *turns on gaslight* They'll approve! #TheBachelorette." After seeing him talk to Jesse in one of the newest episodes, a fan wrote: "#tino tried to gaslight rachel about how rude his parents were, but now he acknowledges it to #Jesse? And WTH does future Mrs. Forever even mean He gives off oogie vibes #TheBachelorette." Another fan tweeted: "Really just unsure how Rachel really thinks Tino is the pick here??? He is so calculated and basically one large walking red flag #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteabc #TheBachelorettes #bachelorette #BachelorNation."




While many fans still love Tino, some believe he has displayed too many red signs in recent episodes. The live finale will air on ABC next Tuesday night at 8 pm ET.

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