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Why are NewJeans fans calling Ateez and The Boyz 'frauds' over music show wins?

NewJeans is the latest 'monster rookie' girl group having twice won against Girls' Generation and also replacing Blackpink at No 1 on the MelOn chart
UPDATED AUG 27, 2022
NewJeans were up against popular fourth-gen boy groups Ateez and The Boyz on 'Music Bank' (@NewJeans_ADOR, @ATEEZofficial, @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter)
NewJeans were up against popular fourth-gen boy groups Ateez and The Boyz on 'Music Bank' (@NewJeans_ADOR, @ATEEZofficial, @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It seems that for the last few years, girl groups are taking over K-pop. While we had some exciting boy groups debuting lately, the title ‘monster rookies’ is being passed from aespa to IVE to NewJeans with the common denominator being that they are all girl groups. In fact, when 19-day-old NewJeans won twice on music shows against 15-year-old Girls’ Generation many were impressed. But this seems to have distorted fans' views as many took to calling currently popular boy groups Ateez and The Boyz "frauds" when they won against NewJeans.

With Ateez having their best-selling comeback yet from one million pre-orders to debuting at #3 on Billboard 200, their lead single ‘Guerrilla’ won against NewJeans’ ‘Attention’ on August 12 on the music show ‘Music Bank’. Two weeks later, on August 26, The Boyz who had almost half a million sales and have the most music show wins for a fourth-gen boy group won against NewJeans with ‘Whisper’ on ‘Music Bank’. With The Boyz and Ateez debuting in 2017 and 2018 respectively and slowly getting the fame they deserve through organic growth, many were surprised that NewJeans’ fans were calling them "frauds" and claiming the girls were robbed.

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Ateez win with higher broadcast points while The Boyz win with higher physical sales (KBS World TV/YouTube)
Ateez win with higher broadcast points while The Boyz win with higher physical sales (KBS World TV/YouTube)

Who is NewJeans?

NewJeans is a surprising phenomenon that came out of nowhere and took K-pop by storm by debuting under HYBE’s label ADOR on August 1. They became the girl group with the highest pre-orders, first-day sales and even first-week sales for a debut album. NewJeans also received over 140 real-time all-kills with ‘Attention’ topping all South Korean real-time charts like Bugs, MelOn, Genie and FLO. All four of their title tracks had also occupied the first four spots on Spotify Korea.

Many were also impressed as they dethroned iconic girl group Blackpink’s ‘Pink Venom’ from #1 on MelOn in just an hour while winning twice against Girls' Generation on music shows. ‘Attention’ also got four music show wins. The single is also viral on TikTok and Instagram while Chanel invited the girls for an event on the day they debuted. But during 'Music Bank', Ateez's broadcast points were more while The Boyz won against NewJeans with their physical sales.

However, one NewJeans fan tweeted, “How the h3II the flop boyz win over NewJeans? Attention outcharted Whisper even cookie a bside also outcharted that flop song. Most of 4th gen boy groups are fraudulent. Justice for Newjeans. Flop group can only win on fake show like music bank lol they will win on inkigayo lol.” Many had also similarly made tweets about Ateez, “What a FRAUD, NewJeans should have full score for digital, they just got a RAK yesterday. Atinys better be celebrating now because once NJ sales are included, they’ll be sweeping all the win. Even much more than you all will ever get with a single song.”



‘Both worked hard’

But with The Boyz and Ateez having an established fandom, selling out world tours, and also having album sales that reach a million in their long career, fans don’t think it is fair to call them frauds for winning over a month-old group with only one album. The Boyz fan tweeted, “Stay mad mdr nn but the disrespect to defend a group that has barely debuted and whose discography is not even 1/10 of that of tbz eh must dose Mdrrr (no hate for newjeans eh my choupettes I love them ).”

An Ateez fan posted, “I don't see new jeans on bb200 right below beyoncé or having more preorders or first week sales or selling out two world tours or having more spotify listeners or having their album at #1 in gaon...why y'all always gotta drag atz worry about your favs ceo being a pedo first.” One fan posted, “Can new jeans stan’s stop saying everything’s rigged if their faves don’t win😭 the boyz and ateez both worked super hard to get where they are today, and i don’t think either ist or kq would buy them wins.”




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