'Don't leave': Rob Bruce Baron bids goodbye to ‘The View’ as Whoopi Goldberg tearfully announces lead stage manager's retirement

'Don't leave': Rob Bruce Baron bids goodbye to ‘The View’ as Whoopi Goldberg tearfully announces lead stage manager's retirement
An emotional Whoopi Goldberg announced Rob Bruce Baron's retirement on 'The View' recently (Twitter/@TheView)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The View' has been on television for 26 years now and has seen several hosts, producers, and stage managers start their journeys and leave. However, one man has been around for the longest time -- Rob Bruce Baron. He has been with 'The View' since day one, and any time the co-hosts needed to look at a familiar face to point them in the right direction, he was the one! As Baron steps away from 'The View' and into retirement, the co-hosts couldn't help but get teary-eyed.

Whoopi Goldberg read out the announcement of Baron's retirement and so far, this has to be the most emotional moment on ‘The View’. Goldberg took her time reliving some of Baron’s greatest life achievements, making sure he got a proper send-off. ‘The View’s fans and audiences also got a look into Baron’s successful and full life over the years.


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Why is Rob Bruce Baron leaving?

This was an unexpected announcement for the audience of ‘The View’ and despite being prepared, Goldberg couldn’t hold back her emotions when it came to announcing Baron’s retirement. With a heavy sigh, Whoopi held up the cue card as she read, “Rob Bruce Baron, our lead stage manager. Rob is retiring today after 40 years in television.” As the audience cheered for Baron, he appeared to be holding back his tears as Goldberg further said, “Rob has been with The View since day one.”


As the co-host continued, she announced some of his noteworthy achievements, including starting his career as a 15-year-old production assistant at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.



She added that hasn’t only stage managed ‘The View’ but several other sports, sitcoms, talk shows, and game shows including ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ In addition to this, he was also a voiceover actor and a lounge singer. Now, as Baron makes an exit from ‘The View’, he wishes to focus on other things, including his Alpaca farm with a grand total of 70 alpacas, who definitely need tending to! Baron chokes back on tears as Whoopi expressed their love for him.

'I feel as though I’m married to the guy'

Although Goldberg took center stage when announcing Baron’s retirement and some of his career highlights, the other co-hosts also had a few things to say as well. As Whoopi bid him goodbye, Alyssa Farah Griffin prompted “Don’t leave” from off-camera before Joy Behar chimed in. Behar said, “I know Rob wants to spend more time with his alpacas but I feel as though I’m married to the guy, we’ve been together for as long as I’ve known my husband almost.”


As the audience erupted into cheers once again, all the co-hosts including Sara Haines, Griffin, and Goldberg said “love you” and “will miss you”. Baron couldn't help himself as he clapped along with the audience and said, “I’m gonna take a little time to enjoy 'The View' as well.” Rob Bruce Baron will most definitely be missed on the show!

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 Why is Rob Bruce Baron leaving ‘The View’? Whoopi Goldberg announces lead stage manager’s retirement as co-hosts get teary