Did Lara Trump drop Senate run for fear of criminal charges? Internet is convinced

Lara Trump announced that she is stepping down from the Senate race 'for now', making way for Ted Budd, and many online were relieved to hear the news

                            Did Lara Trump drop Senate run for fear of criminal charges? Internet is convinced
Laura Trump speaks at NCGOP state convention as ex-president Donald Trump looks on on June 5, 2021, in Greenville, North Carolina (Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

Lara Trump shut down rumors of a possible Senate run while speaking at the North Carolina GOP state convention on Saturday, June 5. After being welcomed on stage by her father-in-law and former president Donald Trump, Lara stated that she would not be pursuing a Senate seat.

"I am saying no for now, not no forever," Lara told an audience at the North Carolina GOP state convention. Lara stated that raising her two young children would make it "very hard" to pursue a career in Congress. "When you do something, you give 100 percent," she said. "I would absolutely love to come back and consider running for something here in my home state because I love it dearly," she added.


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The former president praised Lara, saying that she would have been hard to beat. Several potential Senate candidates waited until she made a decision before jumping into the race, he claimed. "She would have been tough," he said. "But I think she did the right thing for her and for her family." After Lara left the stage, Trump endorsed Rep Ted Budd, R-NC.

Laura Trump speaks at the NCGOP state convention as former president Donald Trump on June 5, 2021, in Greenville, North Carolina. (Photo by Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

As soon as the news made its way to social media, people started talking about it. One person said, "#BREAKING: Lara Trump realizes mounting a losing Senate campaign will be difficult once her gormless spouse w/Grand Canyon-sized daddy issues winds up in prison." While another one said, "At least Lara Trump is smart enough not to run for Senate in NC. She’s the smartest one of the bunch, but the bar’s not too high." One said, "Criminal investigations got her bogged down?"





Predicting what would have happened if Lara ran for the seat, one person said, "Those poll number for Lara #Trump must have been brutal. Too bad....." Another one speculated, "Perhaps Lara Trump knows the Trump Crime Family will not survive the criminal prosecutions in the months and years ahead."



"It not surprising. Trump threw Lara Trump under a bus in the NC senate race," tweeted another one. While one wrote, "Makes sense why Lara Trump is not running for office, she doesn’t know if he would be able to support her or get her elected?"



One North Carolina resident said, "Good. Enough shit is wrong here already, stay the fuck away from my state."  And one said, "She doesn’t want to be a guniea pig."