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'The Bachelor' 2023: Why is Charity Lawson terrified? Zach Shallcross dreams of future with his suitress

Zach Shallcross claims that his potential wife is in 'The Bachelor' Season 27
UPDATED JAN 24, 2023
'The Bachelor' Season 27 led Zach Shallcross spending time with Charity Lawson (ABC)
'The Bachelor' Season 27 led Zach Shallcross spending time with Charity Lawson (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Bachelor' Season 27 lead Zach Shallcross is sure that his future wife is there on the show. After meeting all 30 women in the first episode, Zach was pretty overwhelmed seeing them making so much effort for him. In the further episode, we will see Zach spending more time with each one of them in order to have a better perspective of each one. 

Well, it seems that he is about to find the love of his life soon. Zach was seen saying to one of the contestants of 'The Bachelor' Season 27 that he can see a future with her in the recently released preview clip of the upcoming episode. It seems Charity Lawson will be one of the women to grab most of Zach's attention in Episode 2. But will Charity really win Zach's heart or will she get her heart broken? Keep reading to know everything.


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In the preview clip, Zach is seen having an emotional talk with Charity. He says, "I'm falling in love with you and I can see a future with you." Furthermore, the clip shows Charity and Zach having a date night. As they dined together, Zach moved forward to kiss Charity. Later, in the personal interview, Charity says, "I have waited, I have really waited for this moment to truly experience authentic love." However, it's not certain whether Charity will be able to get Zach's love or not.

Most of the women in the upcoming episode will get their hearts broken in the upcoming episode after seeing Zach give more attention to other girls. Later in the preview clip, Charity is seen wiping her tears and saying, "I'm terrified that at the end of this 'it's not me'." She later cries her heart out in the video as she hugs one of the contestants. 


Charity admires 'The Bachelor' couple Sean and Catherine. They are still together even after so many years of the show. Charity believes that the couple "embodies the meaning of best friends." And that's what she wants with Zach. It is further to be seen whether she will get her heart broken or will finally find the love of her life.

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