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Why did Zach Shallcross send Madison Johnson home? 'The Bachelor' fans say 'there's no chemistry'

Fans were left unimpressed as Madison forced Zach to kiss her, a 'Bachelor' fan wrote, 'Madison is getting the delusional edit huh'
Zach sends Madison home in 'The Bachelor' 2023 (ABC)
Zach sends Madison home in 'The Bachelor' 2023 (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The new season of 'The Bachelor' premiered Monday night, and the new Bachelor, Zach Shallcross, is yet to win over fans. But first, they had to witness one of the most humiliating scenes in 'Bachelor Nation' - a forced kiss, then a semi-self-elimination.

Madison Johnson, a 26-year-old North Dakota company entrepreneur, teaches Zach the iconic Midwestern phrase "uff da." Madison later brings a swarm of other ladies aboard the party bus in order to meet Zach. When Madison notices Zach getting intimate with other ladies and even kissing a couple, she decides it's her turn next, so she grabs Zach for a private conversation, but all she gets is a nice embrace. Undaunted, she returns a short time later, disrupting the Bachelor's conversation with one of her co-stars.


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Madison pulling Zach in for a kiss in 'The Bachelor' Season 27 (ABC)
Madison pulling Zach in for a kiss in 'The Bachelor' Season 27 (ABC)

This time, she teaches him the Griddy and then pulls him in for a kiss, but he clearly isn't thrilled. "I don't know if I was feeling that kiss," Zach admits. "It didn't feel right." "The kiss was sub-par," Madison laments. "It was literally a peck." Madison becomes more ashamed as she thinks about it, and she bursts into tears. "It's so embarrassing," she sobs. "It's so f---ing embarrassing!"

The cocktail reception has concluded, and it is now time to restrict the field. Madison, on the other hand, is not about to sit through a rose ceremony only to be sent home with a bunch of other ladies. Instead, she plans to face Zach and disgrace herself when he rejects her directly! Zach is certainly taken aback, but he takes it with grace. "Madison, I appreciate you coming to me right now," he adds. "My heart wasn't feeling it, and I never want to force that… I know what it feels like to be led on, and I don't want that for you."

"I cannot believe I gave up my life for him," she sobs. Zach returns to the mansion to conclude his night's work, while she continues to cry.

Seeing Madison give it her all to impress Zach, fans wrote, "me dying of embarrassment after watching madison and zack griddy." Commenting on the duration of this relationship, a fan wrote, "Madison really went through a full relationship arc in 5 minutes with Zach." One fan also wrote, "madison trying to teach zach how to griddy while simultaneously having a breakdown over the fact that he barely kissed her." Fans were certainly not impressed by the forced kiss as they write, "watching Madison desperately try to get a kiss from Zach and getting a hug each time and then FORCING a kiss??!"





Seeing how things unfolded, a viewer comments, "Madison is getting the delusional edit huh." Some fans felt, "Madison… sweetie, there’s no chemistry." Seeing her cry, one disappointed fan tweeted, "madison you are crying on night one ?????????" Mocking Madison for thinking she might get the first impression rose, a fan quipped, "I quite literally cannot believe that Greer got the first impression rose but I cannot believe even more how much Madison truly thought that she would receive the first impression rose."





'The Bachelor' Season 27 airs every Monday on ABC at 8 PM ET.

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