'Elite' Season 4: Will Prince Phillipe be Cayetana's Prince Charming or Prince Harming?

Cayetana who is the janitor at Las Encinas catches the Prince's eye when the rest of the school gives him the cold shoulder

                            'Elite' Season 4: Will Prince Phillipe be Cayetana's Prince Charming or Prince Harming?
Prince Phillipe played by Pol Granch on 'Elite' Season 4 ([email protected])

There are plenty of fresh faces at Las Encinas on Season 4 of 'Elite', and while Las Encinas is used to wealth, privilege and power, the new student Franco-Spanish royalty, Prince Phillipe (Pol Granch) is in a different league. But while he is used to being fawned over by plenty of groupies, in Las Encinas he is given the cold shoulder by the students, who think he is a spoilt brat that has brought in too many unnecessary changes at the school including extra security and cameras everywhere. It is only the school cleaning lady Cayetana (Georgina Amoros) who admires Phillipe's fashion-forward flair and his support of young unknown designers, that has a kind word for him.

What starts out as Phillipe talking to just another groupie of sorts morphs into more, as Phillipe and Cayetana discover each other beyond their social standing, which is a completely different end of the spectrum. It originally seems like a fairytale for Cayetana, especially when Phillipe actually organizes Le Bal at Las Encinas and even organizes a trial of some of the most stunning ball gowns for Cayetana to choose from. But fairytale endings let's face it, are never easy on 'Elite'. 


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The two soon begin to feel the strain of a relationship that has so many differences in social standing. Cayetana who tries to maintain power in the relationship by playing hard to get, is told by the cocky prince that the aloof tactic doesn't work with him. He on the other hand is constantly insecure about his appeal beyond his royal station. Their relationship obviously ruffles feathers amongst those around them as well, including with Prince Phillipe's mother who cannot understand why her son is drawn to a 'commoner'. School principal Benjamin (Diego Martin) also keeps a close eye on this blossoming romance, including Phillipe's many visits to the janitor's room. Will Cayetana and her Prince ever have their happily ever after or will this be the one thing that the Prince cannot buy? The love of a woman who manages to look beyond his title? To find out catch Season 4 of 'Elite' streaming from June 18 on Netflix. 

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