'Elite' season 2: Unexpected friendships and new relationships keep fans hooked to the student drama at Las Encinas

The new season takes a deeper look at already established characters and some new relationships that give a different perspective on the dynamics between the students of Las Encinas

                            'Elite' season 2: Unexpected friendships and new relationships keep fans hooked to the student drama at Las Encinas

Spoiler alert for Season 2!

The second season of 'Elite' was released on Netflix on September 6th. The show is now bigger, with more parties, more intrigue, and more scandalous moments topping the first season. Many viewers have already binge-watched the second season over the weekend and there were certain friendships and relations that delighted them and others than annoyed them. With three new characters added into the mix, the season already had the potential for new friendships, relationships, and alliances to form. But it was those that developed between the already-present characters that elevate the show to newer heights.

Of the three new characters, one had a history with one of the existing students of Las Encinas. Valerio joined the prestigious school this season and is Lu's half-brother and (ahem) harbors feelings for Lu that is seemingly mutual. While this turn to incest upset many viewers, it was Valerio's friendship with Nadia that redeems the character. In an attempt to get Lu for himself, Valerio shares a video he shot of Guzman and Nadia together in the boys' locker room, which Lu then leaks to get back at Nadia. While Valerio started to get closer to Nadia to suss out her feelings for Guzman, he ends up genuinely caring for her and Lu's vindictive actions, in the end, prove too much for him, leading him to expose their illicit relationship to their father.

Itzan Escamilla and Ester Exposito as Samuel and Carla in a still from Season 2 of 'Elite'. Credit: Netflix

The relationship that took fans by surprise - especially because of the chemistry the characters shared - was that of Samuel and Carla. While the two get together in a cat-and-mouse game revolving around revealing Marina's real killer (Carla's ex, Polo), Samuel and Carla develop genuine feelings for each other. One Twitter user even commented on how the two "decided to reinvent the meaning of chemistry, passion, sexy and epic" in the latest season of the show. 

Another new character, Rebeca became an instantly a fan-favorite. Her interactions with both Samuel and Nadia were welcomed by fans with many hoping that Rebeca's and Nadia's friendship gets more air time in season 3, which is expected to be released next year.

While Lu was at her worst this season: leaking Nadia's and Guzman's tape, outing Cayetana's secret, generally being a bossy bitch - the viewers also got some nice moments where they were shown a softer side to the character. Most unexpected of that was her blossoming friendship with Omar, with whom she connects over the growing distance from their respective boyfriends, Guzman and Ander. When Omar is crestfallen at Ander's attitude during the Halloween party, she takes him for more drinks and spends time with him. 

Danna Paola and Omar Ayuso as Lu and Omar in a still from Season 2 of 'Elite'. Credit: Netflix

Of course, the most unexpected alliance was that of Samuel and Marina's brother Guzman. Through most of the season, Guzman harbored a lot of anger towards Samuel and his brother Nano, stating that if Samuel had never come to Las Encinas, his sister would not have died so young. But towards the end, Guzman comes to believe Samuel about Polo being Marina's killer and even works with him to get Carla to confess this to the detective.

With the bar raised higher for season 3, fans will be expecting a closer look at some of these new friendships and alliances, while hoping for exploring yet more unexpected bonds that could be formed. Some of the friendships that fans would love to see more of include that between Omar and Lu, as well as the possibly budding bromance between Samuel and Guzman. What fans would want most is, however, a reconciliation between Samuel and Carla. We will have to wait until the fall of 2020 for the next season to see if the viewers get what they want.

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