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Does Sunmi have regrets about giving 'Love Dive' to girl group IVE? Fans react to her VLive chat

Sunmi says she loved the song but ‘since IVE covered it, it turned out to be better’
UPDATED APR 16, 2022
Sunmi reveals the single 'Love Dive' was almost was hers before it went to IVE (@official_sunmi_, @IVEstarship/Twitter)
Sunmi reveals the single 'Love Dive' was almost was hers before it went to IVE (@official_sunmi_, @IVEstarship/Twitter)

Monster rookies IVE are giving everyone a run for their money despite only debuting in December 2021. Their debut single ‘Eleven’ had 13 music show wins while they’re currently promoting the sultry ‘Love Dive’ which already has garnered three music show trophies as they even won against ‘King of K-pop’ BIGBANG and have also been constantly charting high with the song. Every release of IVE has been iconic but we almost didn’t get their version of ‘Love Dive’.

On April 14, Sunmi went on VLive to chat with her fans. She spoke about her day, what she was working on currently and also shared her song recommendations. When she played IVE’s ‘Love Dive’, she decided to give a fun tidbit about it as she revealed that the song was originally meant for her. Previously, many fans had felt that ‘Love Dive’ had a distinct city-pop vibe like Sunmi’s ‘Pporappippam’, a genre that she is known for. 

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Sunmi talks about ‘Love Dive’

Sunmi said, “Ah ‘Love Dive’...I also received the demo version of this song. It's a great song, right? So I received the demo version and it's really my style. However, I think this song would be more charming if it was sung by a group instead of a solo singer. I gave this song a lot of thought.” She added, “I love this song, the intro part has this rhythmic vibe and the middle part is strong. The melody feels like European music… Since IVE covered it, it turned out to be better.”


Fans felt it was rude for Sunmi to bring it up while IVE was currently promoting it as it would lead to negative comparisons. Some fans did not see a problem with it as she was also complimenting IVE and instead could see the similarity with her music style. Others were hoping that Sunmi would go on to do a cover of ‘Love Dive’ sometime in the future.

‘Love Dive is such a good song’

A Knetizen posted, “IVE is still actively promoting this song, I think it's rude for her to say that she received this song first than IVE…” Another explained, “Calm down, y'all. People are just wondering how the song would sound like if Sunmi sang it, it doesn't necessarily mean IVE's version is bad, okay?” One fan tweeted, “Sunmi just said that Love Dive was a demo she strongly considered as a title track, so those people who said it sounds like a Sunmi song, y'all are big brained.” Another joked, “Love Dive is such a good song lmao why is Sunmi letting us know that she made a mistake by rejecting it.”

One felt, “The one benefit sunmi would've had in doing love dive is it wouldn't have been uncomfortable to watch an adult woman be sexy because it's very uncomfortable watching these teenage girls dance and be dressed sexy.” Another thought IVE was better suited, “I like this song more than Eleven as it screams high teen energy and suits their image more. I think Sunmi will do well with this song too with a different music arrangement.” One fan shared, “Dives should behave now on the qrts cause love dive is alr in ive's hands 😭 I THOUGHT WE'RE THE SAME AS SUNMI WHO SUPPORTS WOMEN AND WOMEN??”






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