Why did Jake Paul quit boxing? YouTuber defeats Tyron Woodley, claims he earned $100M

Why did Jake Paul quit boxing? YouTuber defeats Tyron Woodley, claims he earned $100M
Jake Paul enters the arena prior to the fight against Tyron Woodley in their cruiserweight bout on August 29, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

YouTuber Jake Paul defeated UFC champ, Tyron Woodley on Monday, August 30, in the big fight. Just hours after defeating Woodley, Paul tweeted that he'll be retiring from boxing, he also claimed that he minted $100M from the big fight.

Jake Paul defeated former UFC welterweights champion, Tyron Woodley, on Sunday, Aug 29 night on a Showtime PPV via split decision. Paul took a few hard shots but for the most part, was the aggressor in the bout. Woodley called for an immediate rematch but Paul said he "had his chance." After winning the match, Paul began setting his sights on what could be next. An option is Tyson Fury's half-brother Tommy, who fought on the undercard. Paul tweeted, "Should I make him my next son?"


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After winning the match Paul opened up about Woodley and said, "He's a tough opponent, he's been boxing/striking for 20 years. It was a tougher fight than I expected. He's a good boxer, he came in shape. No hard feelings, but this feels amazing. I want to cry, but I'm too tired." He says the judge scoring against him in Cleveland is "bullshit." But Paul soon left his fans wondering, after he posted, "Updated status: Retired boxer." Not just that, the now former boxer also claimed that he banked $100million in the big fight.


As soon as Paul's latest statement came to light, people started talking about it. One person replied saying, "First retired boxer in the world who never actually fought a real boxer." Comparing Paul to Muhammad Ali, another one said, "Jake paul is a better boxer than Muhammad Ali. Don’t get me wrong. Ali has obviously had a better career and is one of the greatest of all times, but in terms of individual quality Jake Paul is the better Boxer."



Many people questioned Paul's retirement, as one person tweeted, "Cant call yourself a boxer till you fight a boxer so far you have fought a couple youtubers who hadnt trained, a basket ball player and a couple retired mma fighters and then you say "retired" as soon as a real boxer (tommy fury) says he wants to fight you next typical." While one said, " Found out what it's like to be punched by a non boxer.. doesn't want that smoke anymore. I understand your decision.. but we'll done on making a fortune "



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