‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ star Ryan Henry shuts down 9 Mag Lacuna, Internet says 'karma is getting all devils'

‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ star Ryan Henry shuts down 9 Mag Lacuna, Internet says 'karma is getting all devils'
‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ star Ryan Henry (Instagram/@ryanhenrytattoo)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Ryan Henry took time away from his 9 Mag tattoo business and 'Black Ink Crew' to disseminate knowledge about the creativity that spills from the mind through an art creation ahead of the national competition. After months of deliberation, he has finally decided to close down 9 Mag.

Ryan, the star of 'Black Ink Crew Chicago,' went through a lot of ups and downs as the show followed his growth in the tattoo industry. 9 Mag had always been his ambition. But he was clashing with some of the folks who had been there since the beginning. In reality, several of his friendships did not survive the drama that transpired over the course of the seasons. Ryan let go of some of his friends in order to accomplish what he thought was best for the company. Fans, predictably, have reacted negatively to this. Regardless, Ryan stressed the importance of staying loyal to himself, even if his actions are controversial.


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Why did ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ star Ryan shut down 9 Mag Lacuna?

On Tuesday, May 16, Ryan made an unexpected statement on Instagram. He confirmed that he had closed 9 Mag. "Jan. 05, 2019, we opened our doors and again created history," Ryan wrote. "A few weeks ago the doors to 9 MAG – Lacuna are closed.. thought it would feel harder than I was scared to do it but it’s bittersweet. I deeply THANK each and every supporter, artist, client, partygoer, admin, volunteer, helper, staff, etc, for making this #9MAG what it was. What an amazing experience."

He added, “In time I did what needed to be done, took the L’s on the chin and no matter what’s said, I take all responsibility and accountability for any and everything. I’m built for it. I hear the jokes and gossip but I’m still #9MAG to the death. I can’t thank everyone enough for such a great experience we still gettin it in so hit me up… See you all soon. Thank God, thank you all.”


On the last season of 'Black Ink Crew Chicago', Ryan talked about his displeasure with the 9 Mag crew. He stated that they needed to be more professional. Ryan was losing a lot of money since he didn't have enough trustworthy staff.

'This man is done with the reality show!'

Even though fans were left heartbroken upon learning the news, some were not. One user commented on Ryan's post, "Hahahaha. So good how #karma is getting all devils 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣." One follower predicted, "This more than likely means he’s leaving the black inc franchise show he kept the 9 y’all this man is done with the reality show!!! Lol." Another chimed in, "You got evicted though…"


On the other hand, fans of the franchise wrote, "😢😢😢this is heartbreaking." Others calling it, "End of an era 🥹🙏🏽❤️ only great things ahead." Some are hoping, "No doubt that he’ll continue to prevail! Smart business man!"

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 ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’: Why did Ryan Henry shut down 9 Mag Lacuna?