Why are xQc's fans going crazy? Twitch streamer at Lakers game is the new meme

Why are xQc's fans going crazy? Twitch streamer at Lakers game is the new meme
xQc adopted a rather unusual posture while sitting courtside at the Lakers' game (@scubaryan_/Twitter)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: For all xQc fans on Twitch it's a moment of surprise as he attended his first ever basketball game with his buddy TSM Buddha and sat courtside. Both had gone to attend the game 4 of NBA 2023 finals that was between the Los Angles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies. The popular streamer has gone viral after fans shared images of his unique sitting style while watching the Lakers game.

The LA resident was quite excited to see NBA legend LeBron James play against the Grizzlies and even walked out with about 300,000 USD after winning a bet on the match's outcome. However, his sitting style at the game has become an instant meme across Reddit and Twitter. The Twitch star, in his excitement, had pulled his feet up to rest on the seat as he clasped his knees while watching the game.


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xQc watches LeBron James play for the first time

The streamer's excitement about watching LeBron James was also apparent in how he tweeted about it before the start of the match. He wrote,"GOING TO THE LAKERS GAME WITH @Thebuddha_3 SITTING COURTSIDE. WORLD CUP TROLLED LAST TIME. PLEASE CLUTCH UP. SORRY SHORT STREAM TODAY, TOMORROW BIG"



At the end of the match, LeBron and the Lakers weren't the only victors, as xQc also snagged a win from playing a bet on the game. He revealed on his Twitter that he'd placed a bet of about $200,000 on the Los Angeles Lakers to win the match against the Memphis Grizzlies with 1.51 odds. Meaning he walked out with a total of about $303,000 after his team won.


'What is xQc doing courtside at the Lakers game?'

xQc's picture of sitting in courtside has taken the Internet by storm, with people sharing it as a meme across Reddit and Twitter. A user on Twitter wrote,"Seeing XQC at the Lakers game"



Another user wrote, "my sister watching this lakers game just bc xqc is sittin courtside"


While the third user wrote, "What is xqc doing courtside at the lakers game"


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 Why are xQc's fans going crazy? Twitch streamer at Lakers game is the new meme