Who is Shaughn Adamski? Iggy Azalea picks Lizzo's stage manager on 'The Celebrity Dating Game'

Lizzo, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Passenger are some of the artists that Adamski has been a stage manager for, don't let that accountant voice fool you!

                            Who is Shaughn Adamski? Iggy Azalea picks Lizzo's stage manager on 'The Celebrity Dating Game'
Iggy Azalea picked Shaughn Adamski in 'The Celebrity Dating Game' (ABC)

Iggy Azalea made an appearance on 'The Celebrity Dating Game' to find a connection with one of the three bachelors on the show. In the fun 30 minutes segment, Azalea was introduced to three men sitting across a wall that divided them. Armed with a couple of questions for her potential date, Azalea dived into this whole arrangement and we believe she was happy with who she picked in the end. Fans of the show for sure were happy with who she picked. It didn't make them as happy as Michael Bolton singing on the show does but it was decent.

Korey Davis, Eddie Williams and Shaughn Adamski were the three bachelors who had their shot at a date with Azalea. The Australian rapper insisted she loved a couple of things about each of these men but there were things she found problematic as well. Williams for instance was very awkward with his responses including the time where he expressed his feeling about Australia and its wildlife - not all of it was positive and it offended Azalea. Davis once mentioned he had a long schlong which again was a no-no for the rapper. Azalea's choice, Adamski wasn't perfect himself and the fact that he said he'd love to recreate a scene from 'Titanic' with Azalea didn't seem to impress her much. On a related topic, last week's debut saw Nicole Byer find a connection on the show and from her group of bachelors, she ended up choosing Nate Shanklin from Sacramento. 


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Iggy Azalea separated by a wall from bachelors Shaughn Adamski, Korey Davis, and Eddie Williams in 'The Celebrity Dating Game' (ABC)

Meet Shaughn Adamski from 'Celebrity Dating Game'

Azalea also mentioned Adamski sounded like someone who would help her do her taxes. She pointed out he had the voice of an accountant but in the end, she did end up choosing him. We do not know if Azalea truly went on a date with him and if she ever got to meet Adamski's dog who he sleeps with him on his bed every night. But we do have some intel on Adamski and turns out the man with the accountant's voice is a stage manager for Lizzo. The Los Angeles resident's LinkedIn page is quite impressive and reveals he has been doing what he does since 2014. 

Before he signed up to be Lizzo's stage manager, he was a part of Kesha's entourage. He was stage manager/backline technician for her for four years and 11 months. Before that he was with 30 Seconds to March working with them as their Guitar/Bass technician, a job he held on to for a little above a year. Adamski has also been a tour manager for Passenger, Never Shout Never, Hollywood Ending, The Downtown Fiction, Metro Station, and The Ready Set. You can follow Adamski on Twitter, his handle is @shaughnmatthew

Shaughn Adamski was a contestant on 'The Celebrity Dating Game'. He appeared on the episode featuring Iggy Azalea (Twitter)

'The Celebrity Dating Game' airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on ABC. 

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