Who is Nate Shanklin? Nicole Byer picks IT guy on 'The Celebrity Dating Game'

Nicole Byer chose Nate Shanklin on 'The Celebrity Dating Game' even though he said if you're not cheating you're not trying enough

                            Who is Nate Shanklin? Nicole Byer picks IT guy on 'The Celebrity Dating Game'
Nate Shanklin from 'The Celebrity Dating Game' (ABC)

'The Celebrity Dating Game' made a pleasant viewing experience after the two-hour trainwreck episode of 'The Bachelorette'. Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton hosted the show, which is a celebrity spinoff of 'The Dating Game' that aired in the '60s on ABC. ABC had greenlit eight one-hour episodes of this show which premiered on Monday, June 14, featuring 'Bachelorette' alum Hannah Brown and 'Nailed It!' comedian Nicole Byer. 

The format of the show is similar to the original that ran between 1965 and 1973 on the network. The celebrities get a chance to grill their suitors with a couple of questions before deciding who to go on a date with. The celebs have to rely solely on the connection they form with their suitors sitting across the wall through conversations. Brown was the first celeb on the show. However, it was Byer's segment that turned out to be more chaotic, a little problematic and a lot of fun than Brown's segment. Also, Bolton's special song about Byer is one of the major highlights of this episode that one must truly not miss. 


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Who is Nate Shanklin?

Nate Shanklin is the one who turned out to be Nicole Byer's final pick on the episode. His LinkedIn reveals he is an information technology recruiter from Sacramento working for the California Department of Justice. To explain what his job entails, Shanklin wrote, "Working as an Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Recruiter for the Department of Justice. Assigned recruiting duties for the California Justice Information Systems Division." He has a bachelor's degree in biological sciences from California State University and except for his first job, he's always been inclined towards healthcare and the scope of work he's listed on his profile seems very impressive. 

Shanklin has a decent number of followers on his Instagram page. He definitely did turn out to be a winner of sorts on 'The Celebrity Dating Game' but if his Instagram activity is anything to go by, Byer and he didn't end up going on that date. Unfortunately, we would never find out, at least not yet, if the two of them made it to Tulum, if they took that walk on the beach and if Shanklin carried Byer back home in his arms. Guess we will just have to keep our eyes peeled at their social media pages. Tell us your thoughts about Episode 1 of 'The Celebrity Dating Game' in the comments. 


'The Celebrity Dating Game' airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on ABC, straight after 'The Bachelorette'.