Boyle Heights church fire: Underwear-clad ‘Spiderman’ sets fire before roof-top chase

Boyle Heights church fire: Underwear-clad ‘Spiderman’ sets fire before roof-top chase
A man set fire to the cross atop St Mary's Church in Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, California, on July 7 (Google Maps)

BOYLE HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA: An almost naked man was taken into custody in the evening of July 7 after he lit a cross on fire atop a church in the Hispanic Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The unidentified man was seen jumping from roof to roof as the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) arrived on the scene and attempted to apprehend him. The police and Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) responded to St. Mary's Catholic Church at 407 S. Chicago Street shortly before 8:30 pm on July 7. 

The perpetrator was almost naked, sporting only underwear and a single sock as he jumped from roof to roof and set fire to the cross at the top of the bell tower. The flame burnt out without causing any threat to the rest of the structure. "LAFD is on the scene with LAPD at a four-story building with an adult male on the roof," said Margaret Stewart of LAFD adding, "The person appears to be trying to light the building on fire." At one point he was seen pacing back and forth on the church's roof. He then started to jump from roof to roof after the police arrived on the scene.


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'Crackhead Spiderman'

The man who is now arrested also appeared to injure himself at one point. He laid in a fetal position on the roof after crash landing on it and yelled out in pain. He then got up and dangled on a couple of more wires before coming down after which he wandered around the exterior of a couple of more buildings. The man then entered an apartment unit scaring the residents who fled immediately. LAPD was able to take him into custody at this point around 10:15 pm. They escorted the man to the police vehicle and transported him to a nearby hospital to be treated for the injuries he sustained. There are no further updates in this case. 

"The person was safely taken into LAPD custody and LAFD provided hospital transport. Firefighters ensured the small roof fire was fully extinguished and remain on the scene to assist. LAFD Arson is conducting a fire-related investigation. No further details" read an update provided by LAFD at 10:35 pm on July 7. 

"I think I love you, crackhead spiderman of Boyle Heights," tweeted a user after the news went viral and became one of the top trends on Twitter. "Well that's that, I know what I'm going to be for Halloween this year - The Boyle Heights Anti Christ in Boxers and a Single Sock," joked another user. "Dude jumping between rooftops — just next-level #SpiderMan stuff happening in Boyle Heights," wrote another user. "Crackhead spiderman is on the loose in Boyle Heights," read another tweet. "Looks like Peter Parker in Boyle Heights tonight," another user tweeted. 






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