Who is Tiffany Moon's mother? Inside 'RHOD' star's complicated relationship with her 'tiger mom'

Who is Tiffany Moon's mother? Inside 'RHOD' star's complicated relationship with her 'tiger mom'
'RHOD' star Tiffany Moon and her mother Grace Moon share a very complicated relationship with each other (Bravo/0

A mother-daughter relationship is easily one of the most beautiful yet complicated relationships out there. For instance, Tiffany Moon, the newest addition to the 'Real Housewives of Dallas' cast, is a very successful and respected anesthesiologist, who has a great family and home. Despite all her accomplishments and successes, Tiffany still can't help but feel like she's falling short when it comes to impressing her mother.

Tiffany's mother, Grace Sun, has made a few cameos on the show, but whatever little we know about her is based on what the housewife shared on the show. If Tiffany's description of her mother is anything to go by, then she sounds like a true blue 'tiger mom'. Read on to know more about Grace.


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Tiffany Moon and her mother Grace Sun share a very complicated relationship  (Bravo)

Who is Tiffany Moon's mother Grace Sun?

Tiffany's mother Grace Sun can easily give Mama Dee a run for her money when it comes to being a strict parent. Whenever Tiffany shares snippets from her childhood, she always emphasizes how her parents, especially her mother, always pushed her to work hard and be successful in life.

Just like any other immigrant family, the Suns didn't have it easy when they first moved to the USA from China. They had to leave behind Tiffany with her grandmother, while they tried to establish themselves in the new country. A few years later, they brought Tiffany to USA. The transition wasn't easy for the housewife. She had a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings as she didn't speak English.


But thanks to her mother's constant pushing, Tiffany managed to excel in her studies and became one of the most successful anesthesiologists in her field. Even though Tiffany is married with two children, she still constantly tries to live up to her mother's expectations and please her. On the recently aired episode of 'RHOD' we saw Tiffany opening up to Mama Dee about how she can't communicate or be open with her mother for some reason. 

She also shared how sometimes she feels like an "investment" to her mother rather than a daughter. Tiffany recounted how when she she was ready to give birth, her mother assured her that she would be there for her and help her raise the baby. But when she found out that Tiffany was going to have twins, she immediately took back her offer citing how taking care of twins is a lot of work. This left the housewife feeling very hurt and upset. Tiffany also said she felt like she failed her mother because both her babies were girls and her mother was expecting at least one of them to be a son since in the Chinese culture sons are valued highly. 


But despite all the criticism that Tiffany doles out against her mother, she still loves Grace dearly. On a recent Instagram post, she gave a peek of the gentler and more loving side of Grace. Tiffany shared a picture of herself in her 'RHOD' reunion outfit, and reportedly when her mother saw her she wondered what reunion she was going to when her whole family was present with her. 

Despite their many issues, Tiffany and her mother share a very strong and close bond, and we can't wait to see more of it.

'Real Housewives of Dallas' Season 5 airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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