Who is Matt Bristol? 'Return to Amish' star holds 'secret' that could affect Sabrina Burkholder and Jethro Nolt

Who is Matt Bristol? 'Return to Amish' star holds 'secret' that could affect Sabrina Burkholder and Jethro Nolt
Matt Bristol's (L) appearance on 'Return to Amish' might affect Sabrina Burkholder and Jethro Nolt's relationship (Matt Bristol's Instagram/ TLC

If you thought that a bunch of former Amish people can't drum up some juicy drama, you might want to reconsider your thoughts. Season 6 of 'Return to Amish' may have just returned to TLC, after a brief hiatus, but the show's cast members aren't wasting any time in serving us the drama while leaving us with loads of questions about their fascinating lives.

The second episode of 'Return to Amish' saw the return of former cast member Matt Bristol making an appearance, as he dropped in to attend Sabrina Burkholder's baby shower party. As soon as Matt entered the scene, the atmosphere of the part suddenly changed and became very tense and awkward. While Sabrina was busy shooting daggers with her eyes at everybody around her, Jeremiah Raber couldn't stop smirking with delight, while Sabrina's boyfriend Jethri Nolt paced around awkwardly. So, it looks like Matt might be crucial for the season's storyline. So, before we get into how Matt's appearance might affect Sabrina and Jethro's relationship, and why Jeremiah was grinning from ear to ear on seeing the former cast member rapper, let's begin with learning more about Matt.


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Who is Matt Bristol?

Prior to guest starring on 'Return to Amish', Matt Bristol was the cast member of 'Breaking Amish'. 'Return to Amish' is a spinoff of 'Breaking Amish'. When we were first introduced to Matt on the show, he was shown as fellow cast member Sabrina High (now Burkholder's) partner. The couple were in a serious relationship and were even planning on getting married. But all that changed, when Matt came out to Sabrina and revealed that he was gay. Sabrina took the news in her stride and was very supportive of Matt and his sexuality. After that, we never got any update on Sabrina and Matt's relationship. 

Matt, who is an ex-Mennonite follower, left behind his community and moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. It looks like things are looking up for this openly gay designer, as he set up a fashion brand called Anson Bristol. Prior to getting his foot into the fashion industry, when he was still in the Amish community, Matt worked at a Turkey far for nearly eight years. 

What secret is Matt holding onto about Sabrina and Jethro's relationship?


Sabrina High and Jethro Nolt's relationship troubles will be featured on 'Return to Amish' (TLC)


Remember how we mentioned earlier that Jeremiah couldn't stop grinning when he saw Matt. Well, Jeremiah was amused to see Matt because according to him the former cast member knew a secret about Sabrina and Jethro's relationship that could potentially change it forever. Although Jeremiah doesn't;t reveal any details of the secret, he does continue to tease the audience about the big secret.

We did however get some clues about the secret in the preview clip for the next episode. Jeremiah can be seen pulling Matt aside and questioning him about some rumors involving him and Jethro. To which Matt simply replies saying that he stopped filming. If Jethro did have an affair with Matt this definitely makes things awkward for the trio.. Considering, Sabrina was once in a relationship with Matt!

The trailer for the season already revealed that Sabrina and Jethro have plenty of relationship issues. Jethro expresses interest in marrying Sabrina, but she doesn't seem inclined to settle down with him claiming she has too many trust issues and he isn't entirely honest to her. In another scene we are shown Jethro ready to leave Sabrina just before Father's Day. We can't wait to see the drama that Matt will add to the season.

'Return to Amish' Season 6 airs every Monday at 10/9c only on TLC. 

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