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Who owns HIVE Social? Twitter refugees WARNED against joining app 'run by two people'

Hive Social recently tweeted, '1,000,000 Besties and the number keeps climbing!'
UPDATED NOV 22, 2022
Many of the Twitter users are shifting to Hive Social (L) but is it safe? (,
Many of the Twitter users are shifting to Hive Social (L) but is it safe? (,

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA: Twitter users are now flooding the social media platform, Hive Social after Elon Musk became the 'Chief Twit.' The app is even trending on Twitter. However, Twitter refugees who have recently logged in to Hive Social have faced the irritation of the app constantly crashing. 

According to Piunikaweb, the severe crashing issues of the app make it impossible for users to set usernames, add profile pictures and use the platform in general. The prevalence of this issue for the past 4-5 days has confirmed that all is not ok with this exclusively mobile-only app. 


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Who is the owner of Hive Social? 

Kassandra Raluca P is the owner of Hive Social. The journey of Hive Social began in 2019 began when she was gifted an iMac. Kassandra, tired of the usual social media sites, eventually began to sit in her room and learn to code herself. In October 2019, Hive’s first app version was launched on the iOS App Store. Later, she took the help of a designer and created new designs for the app in 2020. In October 2021, Hive secured its first check from an angel investor for its pre-seed round. Kassandra is a Psychology graduate who has worked as a collection specialist with Horseman investigation, Accounting specialist with Fourwinds Aviation, LLC. She has been associated with Hive Social for close to 3 years. 

Kassandra Raluca Pop ( Arif and Ricky screenshot/ YouTube)
Kassandra Raluca Pop ( Arif and Ricky screenshot/ YouTube)

“I actually started to code Hive while I was still in college. So, I started in June of 2019 and that was the first time I coded anything,” Kassandra told Arif and Ricky of the Creators Breakthrough Academy in an interview.  She also stated in the interview, “I was very upset with the way social media was and I was like ‘You know, I’ll just make my own app and we’ll see where we go from there." Hive Social recently tweeted, "1,000,000 Besties and the number keeps climbing! Thank you to everyone who has followed us, joined, shared their Hive posts and profiles, invested in our WeFunder, and given us such an incredible amount of support!." 


One of the app's key features is that it does not push an algorithm on its users. The platform drives the first post chronologically from the feeds of those who the user follows. It also supports 'Not Safe For Work Content,' so long as it is categorized as such to prevent minors from accessing it. Meanwhile, the app is not strictly focused on the micro-blogging style and has more video and photo content than text. Functionality-wise, it is way more similar to Instagram than Twitter, reported Screenrant. 

'I will not download hive'

The Internet reacted quickly to the migration of twitter users to Hive Social. A user said, "why are people going to hive no one is ever going to use it i dont understand." "i dont care how much elon musk destroys twitter, i will not download hive," said another. A user wrote, "Hive is run by like two people. Cool it on the demands that it would take to get you, personally, to adopt. They're already working overtime to take care of the folks they have, and have been transparent about accessibility functions being a priority. They'll get there."

A user added, "twitter getting divorced is horrible bc we’re now just children of divorced parents and have to decide if we want to go live with mom (tumblr) or dad (hive) but either way, this has irreparably ruined our childhood (me, a child, aged 27)." "YOU CAN ADD MUSIC TO YOUR PROFILE ON HIVE? RISE UP MYSPACE MILLENNIALS! OUR TIME HAS COME!," read another tweet. "how did hive pop up overnight and manage to make everyone trust them and make accounts on there in the span of a couple of days no desktop site, android app is garbage aren't people kind of jumping the gun a little??" wrote another. A user stated,"idk how to use hive but people are saying it’s the new Twitter or some shit so yeah here you go."








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