Who are Millie Bobby Brown's parents? Hunter Echo claims duo allowed him to date actress

'Millie Bobby Brown deserves better parents,' said fans amid allegations

                            Who are Millie Bobby Brown's parents? Hunter Echo claims duo allowed him to date actress
Twitter users slam Millie Bobby Brown's parents Robert (R) and Kelly for allegedly allowing her to date and live with Hunter Echo (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/BAFTA LA/Getty Images for BAFTA LA)

Trigger warning: This article contains sexual references made against a minor

Hunter "Echo" Ecimovic has sparked controversy after claiming he allegedly dated and lived with Millie Bobby Brown for eight months. Twitter users are seething with rage as Esimovic made explosive claims about their alleged sex life on an Instagram live video on July 12. Not just that, one of his female friends also body-shamed two fans who joined the live video and asked "who is fatter?" All videos from his live video can be accessed on @exposinghunterecho

Echo was heard sexualizing the actress multiple times during the live. His female friend also took a swipe at the 'Enola Holmes' actress. "Millie is a child," she read one of the comments in a mocking tone and proceeded to add, "but the child knew how to s**k d**k". Echo made no efforts to put an end to this and laughed out loud after confirming the claims saying, "yes she did." Millie Bobby Brown's parents too have come under fire and fans of the 'Stranger Things' actress are blaming them for not doing enough to protect their daughter and for allegedly allowing her to be around predatory men. 


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Who are Millie Bobby Brown's parents Robert and Kelly Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown's parents are Robert and Kelly Brown. Her parents decided to uproot their lives in the UK and arrived in the US to help Millie fulfill her Hollywood dreams. According to an old interview dating back to the time when 'Stranger Things' Season 1 had just hit Netflix, Robert said “My other children would watch cartoons, but Mill watched musicals – Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie, and Bugsy Malone. She’d belt out a tune. She was performing from day one.” His decision to sell all his belongings in the UK and start a new life in the US didn't go as planned initially and the family ended up broke after which they moved back to the UK to live with Millie's aunt. 

Brown has attributed her success to her family, however, her parents have found themselves in the middle of controversy after people on the Internet are holding them responsible for the mess that was Echo's live video. The TikToker made unsubstantiated claims that they were aware he was dating and living with the actress and MBB fans have taken offense regarding the same. 

"Millie Bobby Brown and Olivia Rodrigo deserve better parents," read one of the comments on Twitter. "okay so apparently millie is with a grown-ass man and her parents let his ass live together with her? AND HE ALSO DID A LIVE BRAGGING AB DOING SEXUAL STUFF WITH HER ??? fuck no lock than man up. NOW," read another tweet by an angry fan. "Apparently he went on live and 'bragged' about the sexual details of their relationship?? He and Millie's parents need to be locked up immediately," another angry fan tweeted. "I’m still in shock how on earth could millie’s parents allow this shit it’s DISGUSTING. and the way hunter was talking on live about millie WHOS A MINOR and the shit he was saying I hope they all rot in hell," read another tweet. Millie Bobby Brown and her parents are yet to address and comment on this scenario. 

Millie Bobby Brown with her father Robert Brown (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Time)