Maserati Mike: Fired cop Jesse Kline showed up at Rittenhouse's trial with an AR-15

Maserati Mike aka Jesse Kline followed a woman to another man's house, poked the man with a gun's barrel, called the woman "vulgar names" and left

                            Maserati Mike: Fired cop Jesse Kline showed up at Rittenhouse's trial with an AR-15
Maserati Mike aka Jesse Kline, a former Ferguson cop fired from job for stalking and assault showed up at Rittenhouse's trial with an AR-15 (Twitter)

Protestors showed up outside the Kenosha courthouse on November 17 as day two of deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial took place. They were split into groups of two - one in support of the teenager's acquittal and Black Lives Matter supporters on the other side pushing for harsh sentencing.  An activist arrived at the scene to support the former group in a Black beat-down Maserati, toting an AR-15-style rifle, carrying a megaphone, sporting thin-rimmed glasses and what appeared to be a bullet-proof vest. "Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization," he chanted on the megaphone. He then returned to his vehicle to stow away his rifle voluntarily. 

Maserati Mike drove away in his sports car only to return an hour later without the gun. He then clashed with BLM supporters outside the courthouse yet again just like he had the previous day. "F**k Black Lives Matter," he retorted as the other group chanted, "No justice, no peace." Mike added, "If the glove don't fit, acquit," a quote made famous at OJ Simpson's trial. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers has called 500 National Guard members to be on standby to handle any untoward situation after the jury announces the verdict in Rittenhouse's case. 


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Who is Maserati Mike?

Maserati Mike arrived to support Rittenhouse along with other fans of the latter who reportedly drew white power signs on the courthouse steps. "That subject was talked to by officers, and the situation was resolved. The man put his rifle away voluntarily. We did not take any further action," Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said about the rifle-toting supporter. For the uninitiated, Maserati Mike's real name is Jesse Kline, a former police officer from Ferguson who was fired from the force in 2018 over criminal charges which included stalking and assault. He was arrested in Maplewood in August that year after following a woman he was romantically involved with, to another man's home, according to documents. 

Kline jumped out of the man's backyard, later pointed a gun at him with and then poked him in the chest with the barrel as things got heated. The report also said he called the woman "vulgar names" before driving away. Kline was charged with stalking, unlawful use of a weapon, and assault. He was fired from duty by Ferguson police chief Delrish Moss. The charges against him were dropped in 2020 after two key witnesses refused to testify. 


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