Lev Uliesov: Ukrainian model ditches runway to defend nation, calls Putin 'old fart motherf**ker'

Lev Uliesov: Ukrainian model ditches runway to defend nation, calls Putin 'old fart motherf**ker'
Model-turned-soldier Lev Uliesov (Photo Credits: Instagram/Lev Uliesov)

Lev Uliesov, a Ukrainian model has swapped the runway to his march to support his people on the frontline near Kyiv. The fashion model from Brovary, a city located on the outskirts of war-hit Kyiv, has called Russian President Vladimir Putin an “old fart motherf**ker” for launching a full-scale military invasion in Ukraine two weeks ago.
Lev has previously modeled for top-shot brands like Givenchy, Hugo Boss, Berluti and was the showstopper for Prada at Milan Fashion Week held in 2019. But now the 20-year old is using his medical training to help Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline in the capital city and has switched his mohair sweaters and satin pants for military uniform and a rifle.


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"I’m a combat medic and my plan is to save people from the hot locations, do first aid help on the ground, and move the bodies out of the frontline," the young model, who trained in psychology for one-and-a-half years, told The Daily Star. Lev also officiated his intention to save his homeland by getting enlisted and signing documents that stated he will "stay here till it’s over."



Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military recently knocked down four enemy infantry fighting vehicles, two tanks and secured one infantry armored vehicle in Lev's hometown, a potential military passage into Kyiv, on Thursday, March 3, adding to the series of losses for Russia.

When Lev, who will soon turn 21, was asked for his message to Putin, he responded, "I just want to see his eyes, no words."
While Russia, the country with the reputation for the reckless display of military superiority launches its full-scale attack on Ukraine, the world fears a potential nuclear war situation.

When Lev was asked if he is afraid of a nuclear war, Lev said something that translates to a strict no, adding "If this old fart motherf**ker will do a nuclear war to us, we won't need to run because everybody gonna die, so why should I be scared?" 


He also said that Ukrainians are in no mood to just passively wait for the Russians to leave either, saying that Ukrainians will "give it back to them in 10x size more what they gave to us."

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