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Kyiv residents share haunting photos and videos of Russian missiles striking their homes

Reportedly, a Ukrainian fighter jet dubbed 'The Ghost of Kyiv' has taken down more than six Russian jets in air to air combat
UPDATED FEB 25, 2022
Photos and videos of missile strikes and explosions have emerged from Kyiv (Twitter)
Photos and videos of missile strikes and explosions have emerged from Kyiv (Twitter)

As Russian forces surround the city of Kyiv, they have launched missile strikes into the heart of the Ukrainian capital. As per the latest reports, massive explosions are being heard around Kyiv while Putin's missiles are laying the city to dust. Meanwhile, Kyiv residents have taken to social media to share haunting videos and photos of the ongoing attack, as a last resort to seek help from the world. 

Russian troops declared their first day of Ukraine invasion a 'success' as they announced their plan to take over Kyiv in another 96 hours. It now appears that Putin is already targetting Kyiv as he launched the missile strike in the middle of the night. So far, there is no word on casualties as it is becoming increasingly difficult to get news from the warzone, though Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko informed that 3 people were gravely injured. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who resides in Kyiv, has reportedly been shifted to a secret hideout.


Families in Kyiv are seeking refuge at the subway stations which once happened to be WW2 bomb shelters, in a haunting echo of The Blitz. Meanwhile, residents locked up in their homes are counting minutes as Russian troops zero in on the center of the city. 

Ukrainian journalist Olga Tokariuk shared a shocking photo of Kyiv up in smoke, tweeting, "Kyiv now. Russians will never be forgiven for this. The last time similar scenes were witnessed in the Ukrainian capital was during the attack of Nazi Germany in WWII."

Another resident shared photos of the missile strikes, noting, "Kyiv now. But we are still strong. And we’ll fight. There are millions of people living in the capital of Ukraine. Our children are hiding in bathrooms and cellars."

The Ukrainian President's office shared a photo of an explosion near the city, as journalist Michael Holmes tweeted, "image from the Ukrainian President’s office sent to CNN's @mchancecnn following the loud explosions the team heard on the ground in #Kyiv #Ukraine."




Scroll down to see some of the most heartbreaking visuals of war shared on Twitter by Kyiv residents. 






Reportedly, there is a Ukrainian fighter jet that has taken down more than six Russian jets in air to air combat. The fighter jet is now being hailed online as 'The Ghost of Kyiv', as Ukrainian troops fight the Russian army on soil. 


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