Who is Kentavya Mack? Tulsa woman arrested for having sex in front of 3-year-old son

The 25-year-old woman came under fire after a video of her engaging in sexual acts with a man surfaced on the Internet

                            Who is Kentavya Mack? Tulsa woman arrested for having sex in front of 3-year-old son
Kentavya Mack was arrested after a video of her having sex in front of her 3-year-old son circulated on the Internet (Tulsa Police Department)

TULSA, OKLAHOMA: A 25-year-old woman has been arrested on August 4 after a video of her having sex with an unidentified man went viral on social media. What's horrific is that a child was spotted in the background who was later identified as the woman's son. One of the viewers sent the video to the concerned authorities via Facebook Messenger which led to the woman's arrest who was identified as Kentavya Mack. 

Talking about parents/stepparents who have exposed the children in their care to lewd material/activities, we'd like to highlight a couple of cases from the recent past. Till Buchanan, a 27-year-old woman from Valley Hill, Utah, faced criminal charges after going topless in front of her stepchildren inside her home. Her husband's sons aged 13 and nine, and a daughter aged 10 had walked in when she did so, leaving them "embarrassed". The children's biological mother had reported the incident to the police. Christina Greer from Nebraska was sentenced to 64 and 102 years in prison for sexually exploiting two boys aged 12 and 13 who were friends with her 11-year-old daughter. She also gave marijuana-infused gummies to the boys and told them to keep their party a secret. 


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Who is Kentavya Mack?

According to Tulsa Police Department's official Facebook page, Kentavya Mack was arrested for a sex act in front of her 3-year-old son. The Department announced that the video was sent straight to their page and it showed Mack and her male friend engaged in a sex act while the former's child looked on. Mack had admitted that she was the woman from the video and the kid was her son. Her bond is set at $50,000 and she was charged for lewd or indecent acts with a child under 12. The police are looking for the male who was seen in the video. The Department also highlighted this was an arrest and not a conviction. 

The Child Crisis Unit which is a part of Tulsa PD, located and interviewed Mack after the video started making the rounds on the Internet. Currently, it's unclear if the video was being shot by a third person. What remains to be determined yet is whether Mack and the man, who also faces potential charges, she engaged in sex with knew that they were being filmed. Mack is facing a minimum of three years in prison and because of the young age of her child, the maximum punishment she could receive is anywhere between 25 years to life in prison. Mack will be presented in court for a hearing on  August 10.